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All or nothing for U-20

Espericueta has been a leader with this era of U-20’s (Photo: Gero Breloer)


On July 2nd, Mexico’s U-20 has an opportunity to turn things around in the World cup. The cup started very poorly for Mexico. Against both Greece and Paraguay, Mexico was supposed to take care of business but looked anything but in-control  Squandered chances left Mexico in a major hole.

However, when it looked grim, and like the U-20 World cup was a bust…they pulled off a miracle. Due to the USA being beaten by Ghana by three, it meant Mexico needed a three goal victory over Mali. Mali going into the game played much better than Mexico with two points. Yet, two quick goals gave Mexico hope. After 90 minutes, Mexico had a 4-1 miraculous victory.

Now, Mexico is paired against a very talented Spain side. Spain were the best team in their group after winning every game. They did slip up a bit against Ghana, only winning 1-0. But, for Mexico, there is a lot fo work to do.

So far Jorge Espericueta and Jésus Corona have been the best for Mexico. They will need a very strong game to lead Mexico against the rivaled Spaniards.

Mexico’s weakest spot has been the defense (and by far). Spain has a crack in Jesé who has four goals in the tournament. It is pivotal for El Tri to take care of things defensively, because they have yet to keep a clean sheet in Turkey.

A win can propel Mexico multitudes, but it won’t come easy. El Tri needs to leave everything on the pitch and fight 90 minutes. They have the talent, and have had enough luck to make it this far. Time to show the world they can hang with the best.

*Final note: Mexico is, unfortunately, the final CONCACAF team left in this tournament. This could be a bad sign for upcoming spots for the region in the U-20 World cup.

Vamos México!


Quick El Tri headlines: June 25, 2013

JDS may be on the move to a new club. Belgium? Italy? (Getty)


  • Chicharito was able to reach 35 total goals for Mexico after his three in the Confederations cup run. He is now only 11 goals behind leader Jared Borgetti.
  • Mexico’s U-20 fell to Greece after a late goal for a final of 1-2. Mexico will need to recuperate quickly as they face Paraguay in a crucial match on June 25h. The game will start at 11:00 A.M. ET.
  • It appears Chepo will remain Mexico’s coach until the Autumn. Apparently there is a must win ultimatum against Honduras. If unsuccessful  it will leave Mexico without a coach just days before playing the USA in Columbus.
  • The Dos Santos brothers have Euro clubs eyeing them. For Jonathan, Anderlecht in Belgium, and Fiorentina are two major names. As for Giovani, Valencia may be a possible destination out of second division Spain with Mallorca.
  • Mexico will be headed to the Gold cup in just two weeks. Their first match will be against Panama at the Rose Bowl (July 7). Be sure to check Pancho Villa’s Army to see if there is a watch-party near you!
  • Due to injury, Hugo Ayala and Fernando Arce will miss the Gold cup.

Vamos México!

Quick El Tri headlines: Holidays

Reyes joining FC Porto seems to be starting a new trend for young Mexicans (AP)


  • With Herrera and Reyes off to Europe (FC Porto), other youngsters could join them such as; Javier Aquino, Hiram Mier, Jorge Enriquez, Marco Fabian, Hugo Ayala, Jorge Torres Nilo, and Nestor Vidrio.
  • The road to the 2013 U-17 World cup will begin on April 6-April 19 for CONCACAF. The U-20’s will be earlier, beginning February 18-March 2, 2013 (Mexico is host).
  • Germany is scheduled for two summer exhibitions in the United States. One of the teams confirmed will be the USA, but the other is still in the air. Mexico is rumored to be the second team to face the Germans (similar to the Brazil friendlies in 2012).
  • Monterrey fell to Chelsea 1-3 in the FIFA Club World cup, but won third place 2-0 over Al-Ahly (Egypt). Jesus Manuel Corona scored for Monterrey in the third minute. The 19 year-old winger has been catching the eye of many this past season. In the final, Corinthians (Brazil) defeated Chelsea 1-0!
  • Finishing off 2012, Mexico dropped one spot to 15 in the FIFA rankings. However, both ESPN and the Elo have Mexico in the top-10.

Vamos Mexico!

Fan opinion: Mexico’s next triumph

Candido Ramirez will be one of Mexico’s leaders in the U-20 squad  (AP Photo)


2013 is going to be a very big year for El Tri. There will be a lot to cover in the year before the World cup. With three major tournaments coming for the different age groups, we at TriReport want your opinion. Which tournament do you think Mexico has the best chance of winning? Of course, Mexico will need to qualify for the two U-World cups, but in the scenario that they do. Answer the poll, and don’t be afraid to discuss (you can chose more than one tournament on the poll)!

Vamos Mexico!