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Mexico’s roster for October friendlies

Layún will look to boost El Tri with his impressive form as of late (Getty)

Below is the list of players Piojo called for the October friendlies against Honduras (Oct. 9) and Panama (Oct. 12):

Goalkeepers: Ochoa, Talavera

Defenders: Aguilar, Layún, Ayala, Pizarro, Torres Nilo, Domínguez, Enrique Pérez, Oswaldo Alanis, Miguel Herrera, Venegas

Midfielders: Aquino, Javier Güemez, Herrera, Fabián, Antonio Ríos

Forwards: Erick Torres, Chicharito, Orozco, Peralta, González


Ideal lineup for Honduras match

Gio will look to carry his club form against Honduras (Getty)


We are just days away before the last stretch of CONCACAF WCQ. Mexico is currently in third and will need to control their own destiny. Honduras is coming in to this game needing a big win, but Mexico’s revamped look could pose problems for ‘Los Catratchos.’

Here is the full El Tri roster:

Goalkeepers: Corona, Talavera, Orozco
Defenders: Moreno, Rodriguez, Reyes, Meza, Mier, Torres Nilo, Salcido
Midfielders: Torrado, Herrera, Zavala, Guardado, Chaco Giménez, Aquino, Damian Álvarez, Arce
Forwards: Dos Santos, Peralta, Hernández, Jiménez, Reyna

The call ups are very similar to those that played against Ivory Coast, which means that Chepo probably won’t want to make too many changes. That being said, here is an ideal lineup for the match.


  • Corona
  • Mier, Reyes, Moreno, Torres Nilo
  • Giménez, Salcido, Herrera
  • Dos Santos, Peralta, Reyna

Seeing that Chicharito hasn’t been playing much with United (although he has been looking good in training) I feel Peralta will get the nod. I can’t see Maza taking over the CB spot from Reyes. Ivory Coast has a more dangerous attack than Honduras and Reyes stood tall with Moreno.

I believe Aquino could make a great second half sub, pushing the formation to a 4-2-3-1, and putting Giovani at the CAM spot. Chicharito will also most likely make a super sub appearance…and we know what he can do when entering the pitch.

Mexico takes on Honduras in Estadio Azteca on September 6th.

Vamos Mexico!


Quick El Tri headlines: June 25, 2013

JDS may be on the move to a new club. Belgium? Italy? (Getty)


  • Chicharito was able to reach 35 total goals for Mexico after his three in the Confederations cup run. He is now only 11 goals behind leader Jared Borgetti.
  • Mexico’s U-20 fell to Greece after a late goal for a final of 1-2. Mexico will need to recuperate quickly as they face Paraguay in a crucial match on June 25h. The game will start at 11:00 A.M. ET.
  • It appears Chepo will remain Mexico’s coach until the Autumn. Apparently there is a must win ultimatum against Honduras. If unsuccessful  it will leave Mexico without a coach just days before playing the USA in Columbus.
  • The Dos Santos brothers have Euro clubs eyeing them. For Jonathan, Anderlecht in Belgium, and Fiorentina are two major names. As for Giovani, Valencia may be a possible destination out of second division Spain with Mallorca.
  • Mexico will be headed to the Gold cup in just two weeks. Their first match will be against Panama at the Rose Bowl (July 7). Be sure to check Pancho Villa’s Army to see if there is a watch-party near you!
  • Due to injury, Hugo Ayala and Fernando Arce will miss the Gold cup.

Vamos México!

Ideal formation(s) for March WCQ

‘G10’ will look to cause havoc for rival defenders this month (AP)


Mexico is just a few days away from taking the pitch in a pivotal month for qualification. Honduras will be scorching when El Tri steps onto the field on March 22nd. Honduras strategically planned this game to take advantage of their hot spring days. However, Mexico is hot as well, so the boys should be able to play as if it were Azteca (in terms of weather). For the match here is an ideal lineup to take on the ‘Catratchos.’


  • Corona
  • Meza, Moreno, Reyes, Torres Nilo
  • Zavala, Herrera
  • Aquino, Giovani, Guardado
  • Chicharito

5-4-1 (to finish off the game if Mexico claims a lead)

  • Corona
  • Meza, Moreno, Ayala, Reyes, Torres Nilo
  • Giovani, Zavala, Peña, Guardado
  • Jimenez

The second formation doesn’t have to be identical, but I believe these guys would be able to keep the lead if the game is going in Mexico’s favor. Some may want to see more veterans, but Honduras is a quick team who also is much more better than Jamaica tactically. Frankly if Salcido was getting juked by Jamaican forwards, he will be blown away by the Hondurans.

Maza is not starting in my lineup, because I do not believe he should play after his middle finger incident. If Chepo is as “no-nonsense” as he claims, then he needs to send a message to the former “captain.” Diego Reyes has been clutch with Mexico, and even at the tender age of 20, he has demonstrated a lot of consistency over the past two years. He could fill the center-back spot no problem (in my personal opinion).

The 4-2-3-1 should be perfect for the counter attack. Honduras is an aggressive team and will not sit back like other CONCACAF teams do. I really believe Aquino and Dos Santos will be great compliments to this team. If Giovani transfers his form from club to country…then Mexico has a perfect fit at #10.

I believe Chepo can be more lenient with the lineup against the USA. They are missing a few players, specifically Howard, so they do show some vulnerability. Chances are that Klinsmann is setting up a defensive style when the ‘Yanks’ face off against El Tri.

Honduras vs Mexico will begin at 5:00 p.m. EST on March 22nd. Then on March 26th, Mexico vs USA starts 10:30 p.m. EST.

Vamos Mexico!

Mexico’s roster for March WCQ

Chicharito will try to continue his good form this month (Xinhua/David de La Paz)


Here are Chepo de la Torre’s call ups for WCQ against Honduras and the USA…

Goalkeepers: Guillermo Ochoa, Jesús Corona, Alfredo Talavera

Defenders: Severo Meza, Jonny Magallón, Francisco ‘Maza’ Rodríguez, Héctor Moreno, Hugo Ayala, Diego Reyes, Jorge Torres Nilo

Midfielders: Carlos Salcido, Jesús Zavala, Gerardo Torrado, Jesús Molina, Héctor Herrera, Javier Aquino, Andrés Guardado, Carlos Peña

Forwards: Ángel Reyna, Giovani Dos Santos, Chicharito, Omar Bravo, Raúl Jiménez

*Oribe Peralta has been ruled out with a knee injury.

Is there a bright side from the lackadaisical draw?

The two striker set has come and now needs to go (Xinhua/Pedro Mera)La Paz)


Mexico fans have been accustomed to winning for the past two years. El Tri has been able to field many great names in that span of time, and have produced some great matches. However, the game in Azteca against Jamaica has caused fans to become unsettled.

I have been one of those who preaches the 4-2-3-1 for Mexico. It is a perfect fit for our type of game. Yet, Chepo has been consistently trying a 4-4-2, and it simply does not work. In addition, Chepo continues to let the wingers/wing-backs send useless crossed to the middle of the box, all while the defenders are standing ready to clear the ball. These things have been plaguing Mexico, which we saw it first hand against Jamaica.

Before I continue to go over what went wrong, how about what can come out of such a poor game. As of now, Chepo de la Torre has to understand he was at the top of the list for reasons Mexico played completely stagnent. This will put Chepo in one awkward situation if he doesn’t realize it, because it could untimely send him packing his bags. Mexico’s demand for success will not allow Chepo to continue his stingy ways, and this will force him to make the needed adjustments. Some of the them will be…

  • Have faith in the younger players. These guys won a Gold in London and it was no accident.
  • Exit the 4-4-2, enter the 4-2-3-1
  • Clean the roster of veterans who have stronger talent behind them on the depth chart.
  • 25+ yard shots need to go. Complete wastes of attack.
  • Preach short flowing passes. Forget the long momentum killing crosses (when not in attack).
  • Lastly, don’t ever sub Gio after 45 minutes. It was a total mistake.

Mexico was able to walk away with a point, and can still say they are undefeated. Yes, the road does get tougher, as Mexico will face the only team to win a game in Honduras. But, if this past game taught us anything, it is that Chepo just lost his space to be stingy.

Vamos Mexico!