All or nothing for U-20

Espericueta has been a leader with this era of U-20’s (Photo: Gero Breloer)


On July 2nd, Mexico’s U-20 has an opportunity to turn things around in the World cup. The cup started very poorly for Mexico. Against both Greece and Paraguay, Mexico was supposed to take care of business but looked anything but in-control  Squandered chances left Mexico in a major hole.

However, when it looked grim, and like the U-20 World cup was a bust…they pulled off a miracle. Due to the USA being beaten by Ghana by three, it meant Mexico needed a three goal victory over Mali. Mali going into the game played much better than Mexico with two points. Yet, two quick goals gave Mexico hope. After 90 minutes, Mexico had a 4-1 miraculous victory.

Now, Mexico is paired against a very talented Spain side. Spain were the best team in their group after winning every game. They did slip up a bit against Ghana, only winning 1-0. But, for Mexico, there is a lot fo work to do.

So far Jorge Espericueta and Jésus Corona have been the best for Mexico. They will need a very strong game to lead Mexico against the rivaled Spaniards.

Mexico’s weakest spot has been the defense (and by far). Spain has a crack in Jesé who has four goals in the tournament. It is pivotal for El Tri to take care of things defensively, because they have yet to keep a clean sheet in Turkey.

A win can propel Mexico multitudes, but it won’t come easy. El Tri needs to leave everything on the pitch and fight 90 minutes. They have the talent, and have had enough luck to make it this far. Time to show the world they can hang with the best.

*Final note: Mexico is, unfortunately, the final CONCACAF team left in this tournament. This could be a bad sign for upcoming spots for the region in the U-20 World cup.

Vamos México!


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