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Hello Tri Fans,
My name is Bryan W. and I am originally from Cleveland, Ohio. Right now, I am located in Arizona finishing my double major (Sport Management & Communications) I hope to one day to have a career as a sport writer (specifically futbol).

Although I love my Cavs and Browns, not much compares to my passion for Mexican futbol. Nothing is quite like the culture of Mexican futbol throughout the sports world. The first time I saw any Mexican football was on vacation when I was seven, but it was while in high school when my interest in El Tri was truly cemented. I knew this was a team I was going to follow for life.

My goal in covering Mexican futbol, is to be the voice of the fan. I love hearing back from the passionate fan base, and updating them about their beloved Mexican national team. I hope you all enjoy my articles, because so far, I have been blown away by the support. I cannot wait for what is in store for El Tri.

¡Vamos México!


Twitter: @BryanRMW

AndreaHello! My name is Andrea and I’m from Phoenix, AZ. I recently graduated from Arizona State University with degrees in Journalism and Political Science. While I truly enjoyed the challenge of being at the amazing Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication, my dream is to go dental like the great Hugo Sanchez. That’s right. I want to be a dentist and will be starting dental school in the fall of 2014. My dream is to one day run on to the field and collect fallen teeth when someone has had theirs knocked out by a boot.

I started writing about the Mexican national team after the 2006 World Cup and have only sporadically stopped since then. My work and I have appeared in,, and Univision Phoenix. My focus has been on the Mexicans abroad though the breaking news stories provided by the team have never let me down.

Though I write about the Mexican national team, my aim is to remain an objective journalist while covering the team. So, as long as the Mexican NT doesn’t play Argentina everything should be ok.

Twitter: @andimartz

Al picI am driven by football; so much that the word “soccer” bothers me, and I integrate words like “nil” “pitch” and “tiki-taka” into my daily vocabulary. My name is Al Arteaga and I am a native of Chicago, IL and graduate of the University of Illinois at Chicago, but have been living in Southern California the past few years. Football keeps me afloat; without it, I get anxious and everyone wonders what is wrong with me. It is always swirling through my mind. My favorite club is Atlético Madrid, but my family in Mexico are passionate Club León fans, so I have a soft spot for both. I guess you can say that I had a crazy (and lucky) past season with a bitter ending.

My story is just like that of many other Mexican-Americans, having been watching el Tri since childhood, as far back as being a little pest during the 1994 World Cup while my family tried to watch. However, this interest turned into a full-blown passion as soon as I entered college, in a diverse school of Europeans and Hispanics where soccer was our pride and joy. During this time, I spent my time writing for The Offside and World Cup Blog, running the Atlético Madrid and Mexico pages respectively, the latter with Andrea. I would link you to the pages, but they have since been removed.

When I don’t have football swirling through my mind, or slaving away at the office, I am also a musician. I play bass in a European folk band called Eva and the Vagabond Tales ( If you live in Southern California, please check us out and stop by to chat soccer! We also have an album on iTunes.

Viva México!

Twitter: @altalkstoomuch


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