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Mexico’s roster for October friendlies

Layún will look to boost El Tri with his impressive form as of late (Getty)

Below is the list of players Piojo called for the October friendlies against Honduras (Oct. 9) and Panama (Oct. 12):

Goalkeepers: Ochoa, Talavera

Defenders: Aguilar, Layún, Ayala, Pizarro, Torres Nilo, Domínguez, Enrique Pérez, Oswaldo Alanis, Miguel Herrera, Venegas

Midfielders: Aquino, Javier Güemez, Herrera, Fabián, Antonio Ríos

Forwards: Erick Torres, Chicharito, Orozco, Peralta, González


Mexico’s hopes are alive…barely

A goal from Graham Zusi is stoppage time equalized the game for the USA and keeping Mexico alive in WCQ. (Photo credit: Kyle Rivas)


Mexico lost to Costa Rica 1-2 on the road today. Bryan Ruiz gave Los Ticos the lead in the 24th minute. Just before his goal, Mexico scored but was called offside. Replays show that the ball did not touch the offside player. El Tri did respond with a goal from Oribe Peralta in the 26th minute. Mexico couldn’t find any touch or real rhythm after that. Costa Rica took advantage of a counter and Saborio headed one in past Ochoa in the second half.

The game would remain 1-2 and Mexico looked to be out of the World Cup. However, the United States kept Mexico alive by scoring two goals and sinking Panama in stoppage time. With this news Mexico has claimed the fourth spot in CONACACF WCQ, and will play New Zealand in a two-legged playoff.

Mexico last played New Zealand in 2011, winning comfortably 3-0. Mexico will have a major upside to the playoff, because New Zealand will come to Mexico first. This means Mexico has to take care of business at home first. Rumors have it that Mexico will play at Toluca at high-noon in order to take advantage of a major altitude factor.

Mexico has a friendly coming up on October 30th against Finland. It could be possible that Mexico will have another friendly to prepare for the World Cup playoff.

Mexico 1, Panama 2: “three strikes, you’re out”

Panama smashed Mexico’s hopes twice in one cup (USA Today)


Mexico was at one of its top peaks in recent history at the finish of 2012. Still toting the well deserved Gold medal, the boys in green were walking tall. The future was bright; continue demolishing the region in WCQ, and finish it off with some pizazz during the two upcoming tournaments.

However, after a disastrous start to WCQ and flop out of the Confederations, the Gold cup was supposed to be the last chance to cleanse ourselves of this summer of hell.

The tournament kicked off just as bad as we could have imagined. First, beaten in a Mexican backed Rose Bowl by our Panamanian foes. Followed by two victories which, in short, were snoozers.

After sneaking past Trinidad in the quarterfinals, it almost (keyword) looked as if Mexico would finally wake up to take on Panama for a revenge date. Yet again, Chepo de la Torre did anything but lead this team into the semifinals.

Not only did the game start off identical to the first game, but Chepo still didn’t budge on the changes needed. The two striker failure continued; Rafa Marquez Lugo was slow, lethargic, and looked lost. Chepo started him knowing full blown that he hasn’t scored, or caused any problem for opponents.

Mexico had a mix up on a set piece early in the second half and it was the nail in the almost inevitable coffin. Mexico couldn’t find the second goal…close, but even if they scored, Panama was the much more hungry side.

Mexico is leaving the Gold cup in complete disappointment. As two time reigning champs, the semifinal bow out is the cherry on the top of this summer of failure. The players do not trust Chepo, the tactics look off, and the brakes have given out on this ride. We have seen where it goes from here.

Unfortunately, Mexico fans (like myself) will most likely not get our wish. There will be little chances of a coaching change. There are a plethora of excuses the FMF will use. Injuries, out of form players, not the most crucial of tournaments etc. Are they valid? To an extent. But looking back on this cup, it was predictable.

But is it really hard to see?

  • WCQ
  • Confederations cup
  • Gold cup

Not one, not two, but three major failures.

That’s three Chepo…you’re out.

Quick El Tri headlines: June 25, 2013

JDS may be on the move to a new club. Belgium? Italy? (Getty)


  • Chicharito was able to reach 35 total goals for Mexico after his three in the Confederations cup run. He is now only 11 goals behind leader Jared Borgetti.
  • Mexico’s U-20 fell to Greece after a late goal for a final of 1-2. Mexico will need to recuperate quickly as they face Paraguay in a crucial match on June 25h. The game will start at 11:00 A.M. ET.
  • It appears Chepo will remain Mexico’s coach until the Autumn. Apparently there is a must win ultimatum against Honduras. If unsuccessful  it will leave Mexico without a coach just days before playing the USA in Columbus.
  • The Dos Santos brothers have Euro clubs eyeing them. For Jonathan, Anderlecht in Belgium, and Fiorentina are two major names. As for Giovani, Valencia may be a possible destination out of second division Spain with Mallorca.
  • Mexico will be headed to the Gold cup in just two weeks. Their first match will be against Panama at the Rose Bowl (July 7). Be sure to check Pancho Villa’s Army to see if there is a watch-party near you!
  • Due to injury, Hugo Ayala and Fernando Arce will miss the Gold cup.

Vamos México!

Mexico 0, Panama 0: Lackadaisical and uninspired

Torrado has been Mexico’s weakest player in WCQ (Getty)


Mexico headed to Panama for their second WCQ game of June. Mexico was coming off a big win against Jamaica, and spirits were high coming into this game.

Mexico started off the first 20 minutes with a lot of pressure and a few good attacks. Yet, Mexico showed a major lack in the attack, mostly thanks to the midfield. Torrado was El Tri’s weakest link. Poor passes, poor defending, and just overall sub-par play.

Mexico had a few close chances, but nothing found the back of the net. There was a very sloppy tackle on Hernández in the box, but the referee refused to call a penalty.

The lack of inspiration lead Mexico into the half at 0-0. The second half was not too much more exciting. The game was made up of a lot of possession for Mexico, but most of which lead to nothing.

Before the game, I predicted that Panama would come out swinging, but they were hardly threatening. They did have a close shot which was heroically saved by Corona. However, even if Panama scored, it should not have counted as Chicharito was choked on the play.

Chepo made very strange substitutions to say the least. Reyna subbed in for Giovani and was fairly invisible. Then Flores came into the game which was good, but for the wrong player. Chepo left Meza in and took off Aquino. Meza was not very effective and needed to come off.

Lastly, Chepo let Torrado play the full 90. It was a very frustrating move as Torrado looked like a ghost for Mexico. He should not be starting when Herrera is on the roster. Mexico once again claimed a draw at 0-0. This puts Mexico in third place in WCQ, but to make matters worse, Mexico has played one extra game than the other top-4 teams.

Mexico is in a must win situation going into Tuesdays match against Costa Rica, who won today against Honduras. Not only does Mexico need three points in WCQ, but they need positive energy heading to Brazil for the Confederations cup.

Vamos Mexico!

Mexico 1, Jamaica 0: Por tres puntos

A great header from Aldo gave Mexico their first victory in 2013 (AP)


Mexico’s ugly draw streak is officially over thanks to a 1-0 victory over Jamaica. The previous meeting between the two teams resulted in a 0-0 draw in Estadio Azteca.

Mexico knew three points were crucial, if not mandatory. Being a heavy favorite at the end of the third round of CONCACAF WCQ, the lack of victories was becoming an ugly trend for El Tri fans.

The first half of the game was virtually a repeat of the match earlier this year. Very few chances were created and Mexico actually looked very lazy. It was very frustrating to see, because the game against Nigeria looked to be a breathe of fresh air, as Mexico played with fluidity and poise (even with 10 men).

Yet, thanks to a great goal from Aldo de Nigris, Mexico took a 1-0 lead in the second half. To add, Corona was an absolute force in the net for El Tri, making several clutch stops.

Mexico would find themselves with more possession and oportunities to score, but Donovan Ricketts was a minor savior for Jamaica. A few of his saves were the difference from Jamaica staying in the match or going down 2-0, maybe 3-0.

After 90, Mexico finally was able to celebrate their first victory of 2013. Hopefully the first of many.

Up next is a very difficult road game against Panama on Friday June 7th. The match will begin at 10:00 P.M. ET.

Mexico currently is atop the CONCACAF with six points, but needs to make sure they stay levelheaded to keep it as such.

Vamos Mexico!