Quick El Tri headlines: Holidays

Reyes joining FC Porto seems to be starting a new trend for young Mexicans (AP)


  • With Herrera and Reyes off to Europe (FC Porto), other youngsters could join them such as; Javier Aquino, Hiram Mier, Jorge Enriquez, Marco Fabian, Hugo Ayala, Jorge Torres Nilo, and Nestor Vidrio.
  • The road to the 2013 U-17 World cup will begin on April 6-April 19 for CONCACAF. The U-20’s will be earlier, beginning February 18-March 2, 2013 (Mexico is host).
  • Germany is scheduled for two summer exhibitions in the United States. One of the teams confirmed will be the USA, but the other is still in the air. Mexico is rumored to be the second team to face the Germans (similar to the Brazil friendlies in 2012).
  • Monterrey fell to Chelsea 1-3 in the FIFA Club World cup, but won third place 2-0 over Al-Ahly (Egypt). Jesus Manuel Corona scored for Monterrey in the third minute. The 19 year-old winger has been catching the eye of many this past season. In the final, Corinthians (Brazil) defeated Chelsea 1-0!
  • Finishing off 2012, Mexico dropped one spot to 15 in the FIFA rankings. However, both ESPN and the Elo have Mexico in the top-10.

Vamos Mexico!


7 thoughts on “Quick El Tri headlines: Holidays”

  1. I’ve heard that FC Porto is also interested in Javier Aquino. Seems like Porto is smart, also, Javier Hernandez may want out? With Barcelona chasing after his signature? Any word?

    1. I personally haven’t heard anything on Hernandez wanting out, or Barcelona targeting him. I did hear PSG and Wolfsburg are looking at Fabian, and Udinese for Aquino.

    2. I know! I heard that too!! As much as I want that to be true, I doubt it! Where would Hernandez fit in the scheme of things? Porto could well be the Mexican National Team! Good for them!

  2. Seems like FC Porto want the whole national team. Talking about Mexicans going aboard how about the ones already there like hector morneo. Who are ready to take a step up to real Madrid or a higher rated club

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