Fan opinion: Mexico’s next triumph

Candido Ramirez will be one of Mexico’s leaders in the U-20 squad  (AP Photo)


2013 is going to be a very big year for El Tri. There will be a lot to cover in the year before the World cup. With three major tournaments coming for the different age groups, we at TriReport want your opinion. Which tournament do you think Mexico has the best chance of winning? Of course, Mexico will need to qualify for the two U-World cups, but in the scenario that they do. Answer the poll, and don’t be afraid to discuss (you can chose more than one tournament on the poll)!

Vamos Mexico!


5 thoughts on “Fan opinion: Mexico’s next triumph”

  1. I would love to see a confederations cup victory, But I think there is stil too much politics envolved in the Federation that it will be hard for them to field a team where the most talented player wins the spot, versus the player who’s an icon for Mexico or the Mexican League becomes the better fit. (there is time so I am hopeful and want to be proven wrong) I think if Mexico focuses on the midfield and continues to find the players who will play in the first team defense as well as substitutes for both areas, then Mexico can go really far. The problem is that I don’t see the midfield getting any stronger. Its lacking speed and ball control from all angles. It does well on the Guardado side but the middle and other side are too weak. It should be that our subs are as good as the starters and right now I don’t see that happening. Mexico has a huge bucket full of players to choose from. Lets hope that they start doing that soon.

    1. I believe a Confederations cup is more achievable than we might realize. Mexico has been building so much depth at all the major positions, I can see us making a lot of noise in that tournament. I personally believe the U-20 will be our best shot at another tournament victory. Guys like Richard Sanchez, Cubo Torres, and Candido Ramirez are going to be powerful additions. However, the U-17’s have been making a lot of progress!

      1. I am definitely excited for what Candido can do, I mean if he was a real threat with the U-23s just imagine what he can do at U-20 WC!!

    1. It is only a matter of time. 2005 really was such a major point for the beginning of the Mexico futbol (r)evolution. We are changing our mentality, and that is what I love when pondering about what is ahead.

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