2013 to-do list for El Tri

Someone like Mier could make a break for a starting spot in 2013 (Getty)


2012 was a great year for Mexico. Many names emerged and showed that Mexico is slowly, but surely rising to where they need to be for 2014 and beyond. It has been quite a while since we have seen Mexico on the pitch, but we have about a month to go before the Denmark clash in the desert. After reflecting on 2012, let us go over what is to-do for 2013.

Utilize early friendlies to find break-out players, not ego

Everyone El Tri fan wants to see Mexico dominate, regardless of the degree of the game. However, the early friendlies in 2013 are crucial to get players experience, and to weed out any players who are just not performing. That doesn’t mean guys like Chicharito shouldn’t be called, but new into 2013, Mexico needs to get some players exposure. Not only does Mexico need to prep for Confederations, but for the Gold cup. Both with be pivotal if Mexico wants to get seeded in Brazil.

Time to say goodbye

We have had a lot of great times with some of the veterans that played in 2012, and we should thank them for their hard work over the years. However, Mexico is growing in talent, and 2014-18 will be arguably Mexico’ strongest rosters…if the younger players get their time in now. Marquez, Torrado, Sinha have had their time with El Tri, the best thing to do is step down and build for the future.

Continue shipping youngsters abroad

As I have mentioned in previous articles, the experience a Euro club can produce for Mexicans is tremendous. This is one of the most exciting times when hearing about all the scouts that want Mexicans on their roster. Just as long as owners don’t get in the way, many more of the Olympic players (and younger) could be making the jump. This will allow more growth, confidence, and exposure you cannot find in Liga MX, even though it is a growing league.

If these goals/guidelines are met, Mexico will be looking stronger than even right now. It will be an exciting time in the upcoming year. Mexico starts the year against Denmark on January 30th (Glendale, AZ).

Happy New Year and Vamos Mexico!


8 thoughts on “2013 to-do list for El Tri”

  1. Nice article.
    My problem with this tho, is that the veterans should step aside. I don’t want them to win their place in our GC/CC squads, but if they win it they should play. It would be counterproductive IMO to simply give them their spots you know? They need that fire, and IMO they won’t get it by being proclaimed the prodigal sons. Just like Pulido was left out of London 2012, Herrera or Chaton or Vidrio could get left out if they don’t FORCE out the old guard.

    Good article tho, ¡Feliz Año Nuevo!

    1. Very true. I wasn’t speaking of all veterans. I believe guys like Corona even Maza (although he will be given a run for his money in 2013) will be needed. I think Salcido has a good spot at the Gold cup. It’s just some guys that continue to slow the team down. I am excited to see a full lineup for Mexico this year. It’s going to be great!

  2. I agree that the only guy that should continue in 2013 and onto 2014 is Salcido. He deserves to be the active veteran as he did a good job in the Olympics. He is becoming the Ryan Giggs for Mexico, which I had thought would have been Rafa, but with his attitude in his exit with the MLS, not sure if he could be anymore. These guys have a responsibility to teach the youngsters good work ethic. And unfortunately speaking to the media is one of those.

    1. Gerardo I agree with you. Marquez was my idol growing up but his game has declined along with his attitude. The last being his signing with Leon, he always said he would finish his career with Atlas, maybe you can’t blame the guy for taking the money but he lost the last bit of respect I had for him. I hope his NT days are behind us.

      Definitely shaping up to be an exciting year. Looking forward to seeing some of the olympic players make the jump to the senior squad and players like candido, jesus corona, alan pulido being in the Gold Cup squad. And please Chepo call up Cirilo Saucedo for one of the squads this year.

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