Predicting a Confederations starting XI

With Vela playing lights out in Spain, his presence in Brazil is pivotal for Mexico (AP)


We still have a while until El Tri heads on down in hopes of a big result in Brazil. There will be qualifiers and friendlies to help narrow out a solid roster to take on Italy, Brazil, and Japan in group play. Yet, as of now, there are names that would be solidified, and some still in the air. Here is a shot at what the starting eleven will look like.

Formation: 4-2-3-1

Goalkeeper: Jose de Jesus Corona

Defenders: Israel Jimenez, Hiram Mier, Hector Moreno, Torres Nilo

Defensive midfielders: Jorge ‘Chaton’ Enriquez, Hector Herrera

Attacking midfielders: Giovani Dos Santos, Carlos Vela, Andres Guardado

Striker: Javier ‘Chicharito’ Hernandez

Possibilities (either subs or starters): Marco Fabian, Javier Aquino, Hugo Ayala, Diego Reyes, Guillermo Ochoa, Oribe Peralta, Carlos Peña, Paul Aguilar, Miguel Ponce, Angel Reyna, Elias Hernandez, Aldo de Nigris, Jonathan Dos Santos.

There are some notable names missing, but this is of course with the Gold cup and U-20 World cup in mind. I see a guy like Carlos Salcido being one of the veterans with a group of youngsters (Ulises Davila for example) back in the U.S. for the Gold cup. Of course, we are still early in the new year, and are a few weeks away from our first match. However, if you were to ask me what the starting XI would look like right now…I’d have to go with the ones presented.

Vamos Mexico!

15 thoughts on “Predicting a Confederations starting XI”

    1. Maza just left European football, unable to keep up with the pace of the game. I see him pushed off his spot by June by Mier and Ayala. And Ponce was a crucial addition to the Olympic team, he could be part of Confederations as a back up.

  1. Great team exactly what I would hava said except I think Ayala and maza are a little better than mier at this point. I really hope chepo, uses guardado,vela and gio together I’ve always liked gio on the wing.

    1. That attack will be perfect. Guardado for service, Gio for playmaking, Vela for the threat supporting chich (and pks). It could be amazing for Mexico. Especially with Aquino and Fabian as backups.

  2. I agree with your last comment. Mexico would be deadly with that attack plus Mexico could use a midfield with herrera = 🙂

  3. 4-2-3-1

    GK: Corona
    LB: Torres Nilo
    CB: Diego Reyes
    CB: Hector Moreno
    RB: Severo Meza
    CDM: Enriquez
    CDM: Jonathan Dos Santos
    RM: Gio DS
    LM: Guardado (captain)
    CF: Vela
    ST: Chicharito

    1. I think Maza needs to be included in the roster cuz of his expierience and he is a good player. And jonathan dos santos should be in the Gold cup instead of the confederation cup. He may be in the best team in the world but he doesnt get much playing time.

  4. Chepo says “El jugador, está claro, sabe que la competencia es fuerte. Y que lo que hagan principalmente en sus equipos es lo que se va a ver reflejado en la selección nacional. Es su boleto de llamado. Siempre hemos tenido una muy buena comunicación con los otros técnicos para saber qué es lo que está pasando con ellos, cuáles han sido sus comportamientos y reacciones ante diferentes circunstancias. Eso nos ayuda a tener los mejores elementos dentro de selección nacional. Ellos lo saben, lo hemos platicado constantemente y bueno, el problema va a ser decidir siempre a quién llamar. ¡Más vale tener esos problemas a no tener a quién llamar!”

    … Lets hope Vela and JDS get some good PR in the next few months so they can book their place on the main squad next year.

      1. Maybe JDS as a sub but Vela is proving to be top class player. Would also like to see Maza on the squad still, he really has always been good next to Moreno. But other then that I have not remembered ever seeing El tri with a squad,bench and extra players with this level. Can see el Tri progressing to the finals of Confederations if they keep improving.

  5. yeap it could be the best year for Chepo. I remember so many people doubting him, especially cause he has close ties to the FMF. He has achieved more for Mexico then any other coach, all youth systems under his watch. Soon there will be enough players for three solid squads, scary!

  6. Starting xi should be
    Jona -herrera
    Dos santos

    Reyes and guardado have the skill to defend and play with the midfield.. I was gonna put zavala over jonathan but dos santos has more creativity and a better shot than zavala.. herrera is the best holding mid mexico has better than salcido and torado.. and gio needs to learn to pass the ball and he will do fine.. with vela and chicarito mexico can score at least TWICE a game and shouldnt conceed with what looks as an above avarage defence.. counter football is the best ..nothing better than making your opponent think they are in control..

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