A New X-Factor: Carlos Peña

Peña has shown to be versatile in crucial situations for club and country (AP)


Mexico had a rocky 2013…to say the least. Many problems came from the midfield and a lack of rhythm. Late in the year, a new face emerged in Carlos Peña. He made a few cameos in friendlies and the 2013 Gold Cup, but it was in the WCQ in which he started to catch some attention.

His biggest moments came in the playoff against New Zealand. He was a work horse and helped cause havoc for the ‘Kiw’s.’ Moreover, his consistency with Club León became the norm, and now he is a Liga MX champion.

As stated before, El Tri had been suffering in the midfield all throughout 2013. Seeing that Carlos has been proven in big matches, it is time that he becomes cemented in the midfield. He can hustle back on defense and has the speed to counter with the attack. Let’s not forget another major part of his game; age. Carlos will only be 24 by the time of the 2014 World Cup. No longer will El Tri need to look around for veteran midfielders who may have only a year or two left in their careers. Here we have a guy who has at the least two World Cup’s to participate in.

Carlos is now a champion in the Mexican league and is catching major scouting reports from European sides. Miguel Herrera has shown that he trusts Peña, which is a sign that he will be here to stay. Look for Carlos to finally breakthrough in 2014…Mexican fans around know there is no better time for a breakout year.

Vamos México!


10 thoughts on “A New X-Factor: Carlos Peña”

  1. I don’t really like him. He lost a lot of balls and his passing is sometimes lacking. While this wasn’t a problem with New Zealand it might be against faster teams like Brazil and Cameroon.

    1. He does lose balls due to his issue with balance however that can be fixed in the training room. Where he excels is pulling defenders to him and playing the ball into those spaces he creates. I’m really excited to see what Gio and Peña can do together. Although Giovanni is technically gifted he needs open space to make things happen and this where having Peña will really help improve his game.

  2. Out of every mexican player that plays in la liga mx he has the most potential to be a good player he has good speed and power he does pretty good in defence. Were he is more notable is when attacking do to he started his career as a forward player but do to good vision and defence he ended up as a cam but he needs to work on not loosing the ball and be more precise on passing.

  3. Well at least he doesnt loose the ball as much as torrado. He is the most complete Center Mid we have had in awhile. He not only has a motor he is solid in defense. He has great vision and his passing is great. His positioning for scoring opportunities is really good but his finishing is only ok. Can someone name a better true box to box centrr mid ill take him over, torrado, salcido, castro, zavala, molina, medina. No one is better at the moment at his position. Which is great for mexico.

  4. I believe Peña and Herrera in midfield can be very good for Mexico. I believe Mexico has never really had a world class midfield, but with these two controlling the game we may have a good chance at creating some upsets in the WC

    1. If both of them improve before the world cup its going to be sick watching them and the best midfielder in the last decade was Blanco. By the way Herrera scored today and porto won 4-0 he scored the fourth gol.

  5. What about jonathan dos santos he will be back from his injury for the World Cup, he plays very little for Barca because of Xavi and iniesta but when healthy I think he is the best Center mid El Tri has

    1. The only time I saw jonathan play was on the friendlies mexico played before the 2010 world cup and he did not impress. Now comeing back from injury just makes it wores not even messi came back from injury and impress even though some players had done it before with Jona is not going to happen because do to lack of minutes and he hasnt reached his true potential and in my opinion I dont think he will ever reach his true potential. If he wanted a chance to play for mexico he would of left barcelona and go to a team that he will have a chance to play. Thats also a problem mexico has had since La Volpe left coaches just call players that have more fame than others and when they are on the pitch they look lost instead of calling players that fit the coaches style of playing players that coaches trust they will execute the gameplan.

    2. How can Jona be the best Center Mid when he hasnt proved it? If you watch him play he is not as offensive minded as gullit. Thats why he has even played RB with barca. Hes a solid player letting his talent go to waste By riding the bench. But at the moment that statement is wrong because he has not done anything significant yet with club or country. I know barca has won many big titles…but he was hardly a part of it or a factor. If he was at least gettn 25 min every game and having assits you could say he was gettnin it done. But he hasnt.

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