Mexico’s roster for October WCQ

Hector Herrera gets his shot in WCQ (Getty)


Goalkeepers: Ochoa, Alfredo Talavera

Defenders: Severo Meza, Israel Jimenez, Jorge Torres, Francisco Rodriguez, Diego Reyes, Hector Moreno, Hiram Mier, Adrian Aldrete

Midfielders: Elias Hernandez, Javier Aquino, Reyna, Gerardo Torrado, Carlos Peña, Jorge Enriquez, Hector Herrera, Guardado

Forwards: Oribe Peralta, Sinha, Aldo de Nigris, Chicharito

Looking at the roster, my own initial impression is both positive and negative. I am still looking for Jonathan Dos Santos and Vela. However, things don’t look good for the two with El Tri. Herrera, Enriquez, Peña, Mier, and Reyes are great additions. Biggest surprise has to be Sinha, without any doubt. Personally, I do not see how the 36 year old is helping El Tri’s chemistry looking forward at 2013-14. It will be an interesting pair of games. On October 12th, Mexico will face Guyana in Houston. Then on October 16th, Mexico will be facing El Salvador at Estadio Corona.

*Side note: Hector Moreno was named Espanyol’s player of the year for 2011-12. Congratulations to Hector!

Vamos Mexico!


10 thoughts on “Mexico’s roster for October WCQ”

  1. JDS? Vela? Come on, man! Seriously! Enough with this crap, man! Sinha?! Wow… I know we have the round bagged, but seriously? I like the gold medalists, but I would actually like to see the Sabadell duo come in and see what they can do! Zurdo and Davila! They seem to be no where to be found! If he’s got it won already, why NOT experiment? Such a bummer!

  2. Ochoa has been replaced by Jonathan Orozco due to Ochoa not being able to change an appointment with French immigration. I like orozco but I would’ve likes to see Cirilo Saucedo as the gk. I think he deserves a chance. Also it would cap tie him to Mexico. Lol.

    I’m also dissapointed that they didn’t call up vela or Jonathan dos santos. FMF needs to grow up. These two players need to be called up to see what they can offer. It seems to me that carlos vela to Mexico is the same as carlos tevez to Argentina. Even though I think carlos vela had a legit reason to deny the all up but whatever.

  3. And now Hiram Mier has been replaced by Joel Huiqui. Is this guy good? I’ve heard he’s been playing well with Morelia but never seen him play.

      1. He has had 8 appearances, including a set-piece goal against Hungary. I think if he plays agains El Salvador he could do well.

    1. As Jefesito said he is good. I am surprised he hasn’t gotten more play with the NT. He has height, and can mark well. I am happy he was called.

  4. I just want comment that huiqui is morelia second best goal scorer this season with 3 and has been playing very well lately.also wtf hasn’t vela been called up

    1. Totally Jesus. Huiqui is a solid call. And I don’t know what is going on. Vela is such a quality player…I am starting to worry about his future.

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