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Brazil 2, Mexico 0: Short lived dreams

Mexico suffered a defeat at the hands of Brazil, falling 2-0 during a group match in the Confederations Cup.

Goals from Neymar and Jo left Mexico with a second defeat in the tournament and zero points.

Fellow group member Japan gave Mexico hope during their match against Italy, but the eventual loss by the Asian nation meant that el Tri would not move beyond the group stages of the tournament.

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Why El Tri fans should be excited for the Confederations cup

Mexico is in need of a leader and Gio could be the answer (AP)


Mexico has been playing very ugly football.

Beginning with a dismal 1-0 over Jamaica, followed by two scoreless draws…everyone who wears green on game-day has been hanging their head.

But hold your horses…

despite the poor showing in June, Mexico is still in qualifying position. Actually, as long as Costa Rica does not lose on Tuesday, Mexico will at worst be in the fourth position. This is not even counting if the USA wins on Tuesday, which in addition will keep Mexico in third position (thanks rivals).

On Sunday, Mexico has a big game. It will be a new start. A quick one? Yes. But nonetheless, El Tri can redeem itself just days after the poor 0-0 against Costa Rica.

Here are three reasons Mexico and its fans should be excited for the Confederations cup.

1) Mexico will not be facing bunker ball

Mexico is heading into a very talented group. Italy, Brazil (host), and Japan will be going after El Tri guns blazing. But this is a good thing. Mexico has been playing CONCACAF teams who have been paying with eight, nine, sometimes ten players back defending. There will be none of this when Mexico faces off with Italy. No there is no guarantee than all of a sudden Mexico will just dominate. However, this does mean that teams will be playing more into Mexico’s game. The counter is where Mexico likes to punish teams, and the opportunities will be there in this tournament.

2) Mexico tends to play up to the bigger names

There are two sides of the coin to this one. Mexico has been known to play better against the bigger names, but then play down to the smaller ones. In the group Mexico is in, there are no smaller teams. All three foes are top nations who want nothing more but to go out and win. We have seen Mexico’s potential in the past, and with all the negativity surrounding them…El Tri will want nothing more but to silence the critics.

3) Go big or go home

There is nothing left but to go out and put it all on the line. Mexico does have concerns heading into the cup, but to be honest, so does every team. Italy has looked rusty, Brazil has been on a roller-coaster since 2012, and despite the talent, Japan doesn’t always play up to par with bigger name teams. For Mexico, as mentioned, a good tournament and the momentum will do wonders. Flop out of the tournament? The FMF will make major changes, and new management will take over. If Mexico can’t succeed in the region and international cups with the talent they have, then someone isn’t leading the team efficiently.

Will the good and bad pressure make Mexico the better team? Will it make the players wake up? Can they shake off the bad energy? Lots of questions, but there is only one answer…take the pitch and play passionate football for ninety minutes on Sunday.

Mexico takes on Euro powerhouse Italy on Sunday, June 16th.

Vamos Mexico!


FIFA U-20 Women’s World Cup: Japan 4,1 Mexico

Valeria Miranda fights for the ball against a Japanese player at the FIFA U-20 World Cup.(Photo Credit GETTY IMAGES)

Mexico’s U-20 women’s team debuted with a 4-1 at the 2012 FIFA U-20 Women’s World Cup against the home team on Sunday.

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Mexico 3, Japan 1; Olympic dreams now becoming reality

Mexico celebrates after scoring against Japan (Getty)


It wasn’t pretty, but Mexico got the job done. Mexico has proved that it is a force to be taken seriously. The game between Japan was not only for a trip to the finals of the 2012 Olympic football tournament, but also a bit of revenge from a previous loss to the Japanese. Mexico had already ready gone through some adversity after giving up a two goal lead to Senegal, and needing extra time to claim the victory. Today, Japan let Mexico know it wasn’t going to go down easily.

With possession going back and forth it was Otsu that shot a screamer past Corona in the 11th minute. Japan gained the lead, and put the pressure on Mexico. From that point on Mexico had regained momentum and built some opportunities. In the 31st minute Mexico was given a corner, and Marco Fabian headed in the equalizer. The game gave the fans a few more moments to get excited about, but it was 1-1 at half.

Red lights were going off in Mexico fans minds when they saw Jimenez subbed in at the start of the second half…reason being, it was for Dos Santos. Dos Santos has been a major factor in Mexico’s great Olympic run, and seeing him on the bench is never something to take lightly. Japan seemed to take advantage by dominating possession. However, Mexico was still able to keep Japan to only a few major shot opportunities. In the 65th minute, Aquino pressured the Japanese defense, and they coughed the ball right to Peralta. At this point, Peralta took a step forward and shot a 23 yard curler to where the Japanese keeper couldn’t get close to saving. Mexico from that moment on had to fight to keep the lead.

Mexico saw the finals right in front of them with only 2 minutes to go. El Tri was able to counter Japan’s last major opportunity, and Peralta back heeled a pass to Cortes, who then proceeded to battle two defenders and shot in Mexico’s third goal. Mexico’s victory guarantee’s a medal…but the Azteca’s wants gold. Brazil will be Mexico’s foe for the football gold, as the defeated South korea 3-0. The final will be this Saturday 8/11/2012 at 10:00 a.m. EST.

Vamos Mexico!

What to watch for: Japan vs Mexico

Giovani will need another great performance against a fierce Japan squad (Reuters)


Mexico will be playing Japan in the semi finals of the 2012 Olympic football tournament. Any football fan would be excited for this match up. The two met in July of 2012, and Japan walked away with a 2-1 victory. With gold on their minds, Mexico will look not only for revenge, but to stamp its name in the history books. Lets go over what are some main factors to keep an eye on…

1) Can Mexico strike early and keep a lead?

One of the positives for Mexico against Senegal was an early goal. The cross from Dos Santos to ‘Chaton’ was a beautiful one, which gave the Mexicans the early lead. Mexico knows its strengths, which is why they will be firing on all cylinders with their offense. If Mexico is fortunate enough to score early, they need to do the absolute opposite of what they did against Senegal. That would be continue pressure, and attack. Although Japan is not as gifted in the air as Senegal, they still are dangerous. Mexico plays its best when it doesn’t let off the brakes, which is exactly what they’ll need to do on Tuesday.

2) Will the defense be ready for another strong attack?

Heading into the game against Senegal, Mexico had not given up a goal. Their defense was one of the strong suits in the Olympic tournament. However, Mexico knows that Japan is a scoring machine. Reyes, Mier, Jimenez and crew will need to be prepared for the Japanese, because sleeping on Japan’s attack could be deadly.

3) Herrera will be out…but how much will Mexico miss him?

There is absolutely no doubt that Herrera makes Mexico a stronger team, and his absence will be a factor. Yet, don’t look for Mexico to miss Hector too much. They still have a great attack, and as of now, stellar performances out of ‘Chaton’ Enriquez. Mexico will need to rely on the front play of Peralta, Dos Santos, Aquino and Fabian. These guys are the ones who need the biggest punch against Japan. Herrera will be missed, but Mexico will have his spot covered.

Mexico takes on Japan on Tuesday 8/7/2012, at Noon EST. What are some factors that you believe will play a big part against Japan? Do you think the offense will be rested enough to put Mexico in the driver seat? Lets hear your thoughts!

Vamos Mexico!

Mexico 4, Senegal 2: Better late than never

Mexico celebrates a goal against Senegal at the Olympics(PHOTO CREDIT MEXSPORT)

Mexico defeated Senegal 4-2 in extra time at Wembley during the quarter finals of the Men’s Olympic Tournament on Saturday.

The win propels them to the semifinals of the tournament where they will face Japan.

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Why El Tri fans should be excited for the Confederations cup

Thanks to the 2011 Gold cup title, Mexico will be heading to Brazil in 2013 (Univision)


It has been over a dcade since Mexico won its first Confederations cup title, with a 4-3 win over Brazil. Since that victory, Mexico has only qualified twice. With the recent news that Italy will be joining the competition next year, I couldn’t help but begin to ponder how great of a cup it will be. Let’s go over some of those reasons why Mexico fans should be excited..


Some of the best of the best will be battling in Brazil next summer. From the likes of Uruguay, Brazil, Spain, Italy, Japan…Mexico will be going up against some elite squads. Looking at recent results, Mexico does stack up well with these teams. We all remember what can happen in tournaments like the Confederations. Our foes up north shocked #1 Spain in the semi-finals, which shows how competitive the tournament will get.

2-Mexico’s chemistry should be solid:

It will be one year until Mexico will be in Brazil, which means there is plenty of time to sculpt a top-tier squad. Mexico will finally be joined by the likes of some white-hot stars like Fabian, Herrera, Aquino just to name a few. Seeing that Mexico already has a rhythm going right now with a five game win streak (one against Confederations cup foe Brazil), we should see a very mature roster in Brazil.

3-Mexico will have serious support:

We finally catch a little break with travel! We have two major tournaments coming up in “Latin” America, which means Mexico fans will eagerly make the trip. El Tri fans are known to travel well, but it is nice to finally not have to cross an ocean to see our favorites play. The support will be greatly appreciated when the competition gets tough, and it is always nice to get a warmup before the World cup.

Scoring big in a tournament like the Confederations cup next year could do wonders for Mexico. With the quality of teams, and Mexico’s growth, I can only dream of the possibilities. Yet, for now, Mexico needs to build for what is needed to battle the historic teams ahead.

Vamos Mexico!