Mexico’s (early) Copa América roster

Mexico’s Copa América squad is almost complete (Getty)

Here is the early list of players that will attend the Copa América in Chile (June 11-July 4). There are expected changes to happen before the team travels to South America.

The first friendly for the team will be on May 30 against Guatemala.

Goalkeepers: Corona, Talavera, Melitón Hernández.

Defenders: George Corral, Gerardo Flores, Adrián Aldrete/Jorge Torres Nilo, Rafael Márquez, Julio Domínguez, Hiram Mier, Efraín Velarde, Carlos Salcedo.

Midfielders: Javier Güemez, Juan Carlos Medina, Luis Montes, Marco Fabián, Javier Aquino, Isaac Brizuela.

Forwards: Raúl Jiménez, Eduardo Herrera, Matías Vuoso, Enrique Esqueda/Javier Orozoco.


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