Opinion piece: FMF to blame for rivalry fiasco

(USA Today)

To the view of the U.S. fan, Wednesday’s game between the USA and Mexico went quite brilliantly. They not only defeated their biggest rival, but by the historic scoreline of 2-0.

For the Mexican fans, Wednesday was a horror show. One that was predicted early on when the initial rosters were released by the federations. On one hand, you have Mexico bringing completely untested names, many of which have never played with each other let alone on the national team. On the other, you have a U.S. side with a strong core with a few new sprinkled in-names.

The non-FIFA date between the two may have seemed like a friendly, but there is a lot more that carries on with a loss to your biggest rival…which is all to the fault of the FMF.

The result gives your rival extra confidence 

This match shouldn’t be looked into very detailed. It was a non-FIFA date in which both teams, predominately Mexico, were testing some things out. Yet, the media did not make it seem like a friendly. Fox sports basically previewed it as a World Cup qualifier.

If it were against a team like Bolivia, Peru, Finland etc. I really wouldn’t have minded a non-FIFA date where you can test players out. But against your rival? It’s simply ridiculous. Both the U.S. and Mexico are going to be fighting this summer in the Gold Cup, and this loss does nothing for Mexico. For the USA, it relieves pressure off Klinsmann, who by the way came into this match with 1 win in 8 matches. In addition, you give one more game, friendly or not, notched on the side of your rival in the overall series.

Mexico walks away with what it already knew coming into the game

We knew this team had no chemistry. There were five players with 0 total caps entering this match, and several with just a few small appearances. Outside a decent first half defense, the team couldn’t pass, players weren’t talking to each other, and there were only 3 or 4 total created chances.

Piojo made it clear that this roster was not as strong as possible because of the leagues teams that needed their best players due to relegation battles and international competition (Atlas, Tigres, América, Chivas etc). Which makes it even more absurd as to why the Mexican Federation would agree to a friendly in the middle of April, and against it’s biggest rival nonetheless.

Money talks

It’s pretty apparent that the FMF penciled the game in because of the dollar signs. The rivalry between the U.S. and Mexico shouldn’t be this watered down, but if it can get people into the stadium then that’s what matters to the federation.

Oh, and let’s not get started on the horrific condition on the field in San Antonio. Both teams suffered injures as Kyle Beckerman hurt his leg in the second half for the USA, while Luis Montes had internal ear bleeding and Oswaldo Alanís left with a foot injury on Mexico’s side.

Mexico now has to compile a list of players to bring to the Copa América and Gold Cup. Many names have already been talked about for which tournament they will compete in, but after Wednesday’s flop, it’s clear there will be a few names not added to either roster…


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