Quick El Tri headlines: February 22, 2015

Herrera and Porto look to advance in the UCL on March 10th (Getty)
  • Héctor Herrera and Porto finished their UCL road trip with a 1-1 draw against FC Basel. Porto plays at home against FC Basel on Tuesday, March 10.
  • Chicharito played 20 minutes against FC Shalke in Real Madrid’s 2-0 win in the UCL.
  • Giovani and Jona played a full 90 against Eibar today. Giovani participated in the winning goal with a slick back heel pass to Vietto for the 1-0 victory.
  • Tecatito Corona continues to play above and beyond expectations, as he scored a header today against Vitesse. He has claimed 3 goals in three games, and now has the most goals of any Mexican abroad (9).
  • Raul Gudiño was called to Porto’s U19 squad, and helped them win against Real Madrid in a penalty shootout. Raul was outstanding, saving two of Real Madrid’s shots.
  • Piojo Herrera made a statement that Jésus Dueñas would be called up by El Tri. Almost on cue after the announcement, Dueñas scored a golazo against Juan Aurich in the Copa Libertadores.

Gio’s assist against Eibar

Tecatito’s goal against Vitesse

Gudiños penalty saves vs Real Madrid U19

Dueñas’ goal against Juan Aurich 


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