Quick EL Tri Headlines: Halloween 2014

Carlos V’s drought with EL Tri seems to be over after 3 years (Getty)
  • Hector Herrera helped FC Porto in their win over Athletic Bilbao, in the Champions league. Herrera scored in the 44th minute in the 2-1 win for Porto.
  • Both dos Santos bro’s played in Villarreal’s 4-1 of FC Zurich, in the Europa league. Giovani scored in the 78th minute.
  •  Chicharito didn’t see any action against Liverpool or Barcelona, however, he scored in the 4-1 win over UD Cornella, in the Copa del Rey. Also, Ancleotti has stated that he wants to purchase Chicharito for good when his loan is up.
  • Eleven Mexican Euro’s were called for the friendlies in November, and as of yesterday, Piojo has stated all eleven are confirmed to play after talking with each personally. This would include Carlos Vela, who has been absent from national team play since 2011.

Herrera’s goal against Athletic Bilbao

Giovani’s goal against FC Zurich 

Chicharito’s goal against UD Cornella


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