• FIFA is looking into the popular “P*to” chant by fans. There is a possibility of economic sanctions with the most severe being point deductions for the team. Mexico is not the only one that will be investigated for discriminatory chants. Russia, Croatia, and Brazil are allegedly being investigated for similar behavior.
  • Mexico will play in the traditional green jersey and red socks, but this time they will use black shorts instead of white shorts for the upcoming game against Croatia.


  • Despite missing out on three points, Scolari saw an improvement in Brazil’s play during the match against Mexico.
  • Neymar has a “blonde” curse.


  • Cameroon lost their second group game against Croatia and are out of the World Cup.


  • Niko Kovac is confident that his team can get a win against Mexico is their final group game.
  • Croatia won their game against Cameroon and still have hopes to advance to the group stage. A win against Mexico is necessary for the team to more forward. Bayern Munich striker returned from a one match ban and will face Mexico. He scored two goals in Croatia’s win.

One thought on “GROUP A HEADLINES FOR JUNE 19, 2014”

  1. Garbage. Cameroon lost it and the FIFA thing is so wrong. The P word is not being described correctly. IIRC that is a racial slur. First they said racial slur, then they said homosexual slur… They obviously don’t know what it means. I agree that they should just substitute the word with something similar and less offensive (like bruto or something), but I am sure FIFA will say that it offends the mentally challenged. Idiocy.

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