Here we go…

The process was not pretty…hell it was plain brutal. However, tomorrow morning will be Mexico’s chance to put that all behind.

Miguel Herrera has assembled a determined 23 who will represent our beloved kit. It has been not without heartbreak, with injuries to Juan Carlos Medina and Luis Montes, Mexico has had to regroup and push forward.

Cameroon is going to be a difficult opponent, but Mexico has what it takes to make a statement in their opening match. As long as Miguel establishes a strong mentality in the team, Mexico can overcome their African foe.

It feels like yesterday when Mexico was taking the pitch against South Africa, yet just like that, we are back at it. It was a major roller coaster ride since then. With major highs and lows, but it’s time to focus on the task at hand an march on to a possible historic World Cup.

It feels like Christmas is coming, but it isn’t. Instead, Mexico will face Cameroon in a Group A match (12 p.m. EST) in an attempt to join Brazil atop the group with 3 points.

If you ask me, that’s sounds a lot better than Christmas…

Vamos México!



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