Tri Lows: Sex Scandals

***The Tri Lows and Highs are a series of posts to relive the good and bad moments of the Mexican national team for the past four years that have lead to the 2014 World Cup.***

Four years seems like an extremely long time, but in those four years several things have happened with Mexico’s national team. From some of the highest of highs(winning the Gold Medal at the 2012 Olympics) to the lowest of lows(almost missing out on the WC).

One of those lows has been in the forms of sex scandals that have plagued the national team these past four years.

Now, they haven’t been the only team that’s dealt with sex scandals. It happened to Spain in 2013. The point is not to point fingers or reprimand players for their choice of activities, but simply to remember some of the low points in the road to the World Cup.

However, one of the major differences is the fallout that both teams have endured because of those scandals.

The first one occurred in September 2012 after an exhibition match against Colombia. The team held a reunion after the game, but because they were with the national team it was considered to break the rules. In the end, many on the team were fined but those that were further sanctioned were Carlos Vela and Efrain Juarez.

Both were suspended from the team for six months. Vela has declined call ups from various managers to play with the national team since that time. Juarez returned from Celtic in Scotland and has bounced around from team to team.

The second occurred in 2011 when eight players were sent home from the Copa America team. The team was robbed by sex workers that had previously visited them. Jonathan Dos Santos, Marcos Fabian, Javier Cortés, Jorge Hernández, Néstor Vidrio, Israel Jiménez, David Cabrera and Néstor Calderón were those that suffered the punishment. While many of the players reconciled with the federation after receiving a six month ban, Jonathan Dos Santos became a nobody with the Mexican teams.

A year earlier he had been dropped from Mexico’s World Cup squad(to make way for ‘Bofo’) and Dos Santos’ father Zizinho had said Jonathan would never play with Mexico again. Zizinho had gone on a rant threatening that Gio would leave the national team. He threatened that Jona would play for Brazil or Spain. But for the Copa America tournament, Mexico was experimenting with a younger squad in which the younger Dos Santos fit in perfectly. Since then, the Barcelona player has simply been an after thought.

The most recent scandal happened in 2013 during the Confederations Cup. The players visited a strip club a few times and were caught. No one was suspended, but what seemed to irk the public the most was the performances that had been given by the team amidst the scandal.

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