Tri Highs: Toulon 2012

Mexico U-23 win the Toulon Tournament(Credit MEXSPORT)
Mexico U-23 win the Toulon Tournament(Credit MEXSPORT)
The World Cup is almost here! At we will be posting a series of articles to prepare for the upcoming tournament.

Two years ago the Mexican U-23 team began an amazing summer. One of the place where they found success was at the Toulon Tournament. Some went on to win the tournament and later ended the summer with a gold medal from the 2012 Olympics.

Now, many of the players that participated in the Toulon Tournament as U-23 players have been called to represent Mexico at the 2014 World Cup.

Undoubtedly, this was one of the highlights of the past four years.


Liborio Sánchez
José Antonio Rodríguez

Néstor Vidrio
Hiram Mier
Néstor Araujo
Dárvin Chávez
Diego Reyes
Miguel Ponce
Hugo Rodríguez

Héctor Herrera
Javier Cortés
Jorge Hernández
César Ibáñez
Marco Fabián
Jorge Enríquez
Néstor Calderón

Javier Aquino
Cándido Ramírez
Alan Pulido
Raúl Jiménez

Mexico was placed in Group B in the tournament along with France, Morocco, and Belarus. The first game was against Morocco where Mexico managed to win 4-3 with three goals from Marco Fabian and an own goal from Morocco. Mexico hit a snag against France in their second game with a 3-1 loss to France. The lone game goal from Mexico was scored by Fabian. Mexico then took on Belarus in the third group game and ended with a 2-1 win and two goal from Fabian. Two wins and a loss in the group stages were just enough to place Mexico in second place and allow them to move on to the semifinals.

In the semifinals Mexico faced the Netherlands. In that game Mexico defeated their opponents with a 4-2 score. Goals from Herrera, Candido Ramirez, Raul Jimenez, and Fabian.

Turkey was the opponent in the final match of the tournament. Mexico defeated Turkey 3-0 with goals from Ramirez, Mier,and Pulido.

Fabian was the tournament’s high scorer and Hector Herrera won the player of the tournament.

Here’s TriReport’s post on the final.

Unfortunately, the same results have not been replicated since then.


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