Roster + Predicted XI vs Nigeria

The match against Nigeria could be Chicharito and Guardado’s only chance to impress Piojo (Getty)


Goalkeepers: Corona, Ochoa, Muñoz

Defenders: Reyes, Moreno, Márquez, Valenzuela, Pérez, Maza, Paul Aguilar, Miguel Ponce, Guardado

Midfielders: José Juan Vázquez, Herrera, Peña, Medina, Aquino, Brizuela

Forwards: Giovani dos Santos, Chicharito, Oribe Peralta, Pulido


Predicted XI (5-3-2):

  • Ochoa
  • Aguilar, Reyes, Márquez (C), Moreno, Guardado
  • Aquino, Peña, Herrera
  • dos Santos, Chicharito

It is pretty safe to say that Piojo will start the Euro’s called in this match. This will be the only FIFA-date before the final roster call for the World Cup, so making a statement is huge for some of these guys. I expect Chicharito to get the nod, but paired up with Giovani. Although Aquino could play the RWB role, I see Aguilar taking the spot, and Aquino going to the midfield. Ochoa will secure the goal, because this is his stage to make a push for the WC starting keeper position.

Mexico takes on Nigeria on March 5th in Atlanta Georgia.

On a side note, Mexico will debut their red World Cup kit in this match.

(Source: Adidas)


Vamos México!


2 thoughts on “Roster + Predicted XI vs Nigeria”

  1. I hope you predictions are right Bryan, its a pretty sold offensive team. I would like this to be the final team for Brazil, the only ones I am worried about are Guardado and CH14. Its going to be an a good match against Nigeria! Cant wait to see the new cr@p away kit since most likely Nigeria will be wearing green.

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