Quick El Tri Headlines: February 11, 2014

Expect to see Ochoa’s name back with El Tri in March (Getty)


  • Piojo Herrera is just about done with his European trip. He will have his last stop in Portugal to visit Hector Herrera and Diego Reyes.
  • Piojo Herrera has confirmed that Guillermo Ochoa will be called for the Nigeria friendly in March.
  • Mexico is still in talks for some World Cup preparation games. Portugal is almost a done deal for a June match, and the United States is in negotiation for a non-FIFA date in April. Portugal has been rumored for a Massachusetts location, and the U.S. game in Arizona.
  • Many feel Chicharito wants out of Manchester United (again) after a recent Instagram picture/quote has stirred up some attention:

Ya llegará el tiempo de hablar sobre muchas cosas… The time to speak about so many things will come…

  • Tijuana, Cruz Azul, Toluca will seek to keep the Liga MX run in CONCACAF Champions League going in March. Knockout round begins on March 10th, here are the match-ups: Tijuana (3) vs LA Galaxy (6), Toluca (1) vs San Jose Earthquakes (8), Cruz Azul (2) vs Sporting Kansas City (7).

3 thoughts on “Quick El Tri Headlines: February 11, 2014”

  1. Update. Mexico is still rank in a steady 21 on the Fifa ranking system

    Mexico faces United States on April 2 @ Glendale, United States
    Followed by Ecuador on May 31 @ Arlington, United States
    Then Bosnia on June 3 @ Soldier Field in Chicago
    And later Portugal on June 6. @ Foxborough, Mass.

    Talks for a game with Ecuador @ the Azteca Stadium Turkey on May 28 still ongoing

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