Potential World Cup Starting XI

Expect to see Gio up top for Mexico in 2014 (Getty)


Option 1: 5-2-1-2

  • Ochoa
  • Layún, Reyes, Márquez (C), Moreno, Guardado
  • Peña, Herrera
  • Brizuela
  • dos Santos, Peralta

Option 2: 5-3-2

  • Ochoa
  • Aguilar, Reyes, Márquez (C), Moreno, Layún
  • Aquino, Peña, Guardado
  • dos Santos, Peralta

Between the two options, I feel option 1 may be the best attacking wise. In the friendly against South Korea, Herrera sent out a 5-2-1-2 with Brizuela in the CAM role. Throughout the game, Brizeula showed that he got better throughout the match with dribbling and runs in the attack. Keeping him in this role over the next few months could help with the chemistry and rhythm of the team.

I also see Layún and Guardado taking over the wing-backs in this formation. I know many prefer to see Layún as a LWB, but he is solid with both feet and Guardado has been playing the LWB for a while now in Europe. Of course, some of this lineup depends on playing time abroad. Reyes and Herrera at Porto need to continue getting minutes, but if they do, expect the see this type of XI come June.


The second option is the general 5-3-2, that Piojo usually deploys. In this one, Layún would take over LWB, but Guardado would head up to a the midfield. If this is the formation in play, then I can only see Aguilar playing the RWB. However, I do not see Aguilar as a starter, but if he does, this is where he would take over.

Lastly, the forwards are identical in both lineups. Giovani has been a very dangerous player when he is a supporting striker role, so I see him being one of the players up top. In the Hex, Giovani routinely disappeared on the wings and rarely got involved in the attack…which cannot happen if Mexico wants to worry opponents. At Villareal, Giovani is one of the most prolific players, and Piojo will make sure he continues so with El Tri.

Vamos México!


4 thoughts on “Potential World Cup Starting XI”

  1. Its to early to tell but here is my lineup. Ochoa(im biased corona is equally good)
    Paul, Reyes, Marquez, Moreno, Layun
    Peńa Gio
    Peralta Pulido (this based off me thinkn that gio isnt a pure scorer but he should be in the game. Not over reacting to pulidos hat trick. Id put jimenez in here as well if his form gets better)
    Also CH14 as a super sub. His mediocre link up play stops the free flowing game herrera wants. Ch14 can score playn 90, 30 , 5 min. We need a backup plan. Ch14 is it.

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