Mexico’s hopes are alive…barely

A goal from Graham Zusi is stoppage time equalized the game for the USA and keeping Mexico alive in WCQ. (Photo credit: Kyle Rivas)


Mexico lost to Costa Rica 1-2 on the road today. Bryan Ruiz gave Los Ticos the lead in the 24th minute. Just before his goal, Mexico scored but was called offside. Replays show that the ball did not touch the offside player. El Tri did respond with a goal from Oribe Peralta in the 26th minute. Mexico couldn’t find any touch or real rhythm after that. Costa Rica took advantage of a counter and Saborio headed one in past Ochoa in the second half.

The game would remain 1-2 and Mexico looked to be out of the World Cup. However, the United States kept Mexico alive by scoring two goals and sinking Panama in stoppage time. With this news Mexico has claimed the fourth spot in CONACACF WCQ, and will play New Zealand in a two-legged playoff.

Mexico last played New Zealand in 2011, winning comfortably 3-0. Mexico will have a major upside to the playoff, because New Zealand will come to Mexico first. This means Mexico has to take care of business at home first. Rumors have it that Mexico will play at Toluca at high-noon in order to take advantage of a major altitude factor.

Mexico has a friendly coming up on October 30th against Finland. It could be possible that Mexico will have another friendly to prepare for the World Cup playoff.

3 thoughts on “Mexico’s hopes are alive…barely”

  1. The goal was ruled offside because Peralta interfered with the goalie, and let’s be honest Chicharito blew it!

    I will never talk a bad word about US Soccer again! I hope all other Mexican supporters do the same. If the tables were reversed, I think Mexico would intentionally lose v Panama.

    Major squad changes are needed once again. Starting with a change to 3-5-2 and later to a 3-4-3 we need a formation to fit the strengths of the personnel

    1. Well this isnt the first game Hernandez blows it on qualification games he done it before and cant understand why he keeps on getting called. Mexico has another chance to qualify not cause of US and most definitely not cause of Panama since the beginning everybody knew Concacaf has three and a half passes but I do recognize that US team are truly professionals. For the first time no names come up in mind that could help the team I think Mexico has run out of promising players we just have to work on what we got and hopefully we see El TRI in brazil.

      1. Its not the players. We have a huge arsenal at our disposal. All we need is a Manager that can knows where to put the players and that has the right tactics. With El Chepo they out thought him. And all Victor did was change the players, he is pretty much using the same tactics as El Chepo. Who’s left? Well we have Tomas Boy, El Piojo, and my choice Luis Fernando Tena. All is not lost this is just a phase that we can get through. Remember 2010 another team was have a having a hard time and had to qualify through playoffs, well they made it in and at the end they ended in 4th place other all. We got this VAMOS MÉXICO!!!

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