Quick El Tri headlines: End of September

Ochoa makes his return to the national team after denying the call against Honduras and the USA in WCQ (Getty)


  • The U-18 recently won the Hyundai tournament in China.
  • Euro players to join the rest of the team for October WCQ will be Hector Moreno, Javier ‘Chicharito’ Hernández, Javier Aquino, Guillermo Ochoa, Giovani dos Santos. Several others, Diego Reyes, Hector Herrera, Jonathan dos Santos, Jesús Manuel Corona were not called. Once again, Carlos Vela declined.
  • The U-17 squad will have a friendly on September 30th against 2013 U-17 World Cup hosts UAE. The U-17 World Cup begins on October 17th.
  • The FMF was unable to change the Panama WCQ to an earlier time. The game will instead remain an evening game.

With news that Carlos Vela declined to join the national team, even under a new coach, what is your opinion on the situation? Let us know!


One thought on “Quick El Tri headlines: End of September”

  1. Lets hope our new coach has new tactics and most importantly a better formation that suits our game. As for Mr. Carlos Vela, he can join the Spanish NT if that makes him happier. Enough of his excuses, if a new coach wont get him back on the squad then so be it. At this point I dont see it fair to even the worst player in Mexico for Vela to take up a spot when we do qualify to Brazil. Mexico will pull off 2 wins and if Televisa/TV Azteca bribe the Honduras NT to lose even better LOL. Other then that there is more then enough quality in the choice of players just need to find the chemistry we had no to long ago. Best of luck to the U17 NT on the World Cup Dubai 2013.

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