Ideal lineup for Honduras match

Gio will look to carry his club form against Honduras (Getty)


We are just days away before the last stretch of CONCACAF WCQ. Mexico is currently in third and will need to control their own destiny. Honduras is coming in to this game needing a big win, but Mexico’s revamped look could pose problems for ‘Los Catratchos.’

Here is the full El Tri roster:

Goalkeepers: Corona, Talavera, Orozco
Defenders: Moreno, Rodriguez, Reyes, Meza, Mier, Torres Nilo, Salcido
Midfielders: Torrado, Herrera, Zavala, Guardado, Chaco Giménez, Aquino, Damian Álvarez, Arce
Forwards: Dos Santos, Peralta, Hernández, Jiménez, Reyna

The call ups are very similar to those that played against Ivory Coast, which means that Chepo probably won’t want to make too many changes. That being said, here is an ideal lineup for the match.


  • Corona
  • Mier, Reyes, Moreno, Torres Nilo
  • Giménez, Salcido, Herrera
  • Dos Santos, Peralta, Reyna

Seeing that Chicharito hasn’t been playing much with United (although he has been looking good in training) I feel Peralta will get the nod. I can’t see Maza taking over the CB spot from Reyes. Ivory Coast has a more dangerous attack than Honduras and Reyes stood tall with Moreno.

I believe Aquino could make a great second half sub, pushing the formation to a 4-2-3-1, and putting Giovani at the CAM spot. Chicharito will also most likely make a super sub appearance…and we know what he can do when entering the pitch.

Mexico takes on Honduras in Estadio Azteca on September 6th.

Vamos Mexico!


13 thoughts on “Ideal lineup for Honduras match”

  1. Your lineup looks good but I would change Mier for Meza and Zavala for Salcido other than that I the squad looks decent.

  2. I would be shocked if Maza started over Reyes. Thats my ideal lineup as well. Only bad thing is that i think chepo will start torrado instead of el zorro.

    1. Yeah right! MAZA with freaking start. The “Captain” of the team will start. Chepo seems to have a thing for lethargic, uninspired veterans to lead the team. Torrado will start too. Urgh, the big finger to Chepo. This clown is ruining our team.

  3. I agree that Chicharito should not start on this one. But knowing how Chepo works, he will use this lineup:

    maza meza moreno nilo
    salcido gio aquino zavala
    guardado hernadez

    which is exactly the same line up except no Ochoa from the last encounter. (I hope I’m wrong)

    1. Dude, if you know how Chepo works, where is Torrado? That guy is a LOCK. Aquino for TORRADO according to Chepo and then you have Chepo’s ideal lineup.

      1. That’s true, Chepo would use Torrado now that he is avaiable. My lineup was based on the call ups in the first clash in March when Torrardo was not on the team. But in any case, I’m not looking forward to seeing our predictions come true.

  4. I really liked how Fernando Arce played vs Ivory Coast. Hope he gets another chance.

    Corona, Torrado, Maza, Salcido are definite starters according to Chepo.

    Regardless of who starts I hope for a win.

  5. When is this line-up ever going to exist? 😦


    1. Its a good lineup here in three years when the players get more mature and find regularity with whatever team they end up. However at this moment Guardado is way out of form and plays leftback, Hernández barely recovered from injury and hasn’t played in a while, Jonathan doesnt even plays I think everyone forgot how he plays, Mier is decent but as CB not RB, and finally Ochoa his a good goly but why do you guys want to fix something that isnt broken Corona has been saving México from loses many times.

      1. ^Now you know why it will never happen. They need to be as “seasoned” as Torrado, because younger players are incapable of anything. But we all know how capable they are.

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