Quick El Tri headlines: End of August 2013

Jesús Tecatito is on his way to FC Twente in Holland (MexSport)


  • Jesús ‘Tecatito’ Corona headed to Holland to finalize his move to FC Twente. He will be presented this upcoming week.
  • Víctor Manuel Vucetich steps down as manager of Monterrey.
  • Mexico will have one last friendly right before Halloween in San Diego. 
  • Marco Fabián looked to be making a major move to Qatar, but Chepo de la Torre claimed his World Cup is out of question had he made the move. Fabián returned to Chivas for Liga MX action.
  • Chaton Enriquez returned to practice from a minor injury.
  • Chicharito Hernández turned down an offer to play for Valencia in Spain and will remain with Manchester United.
  • And a reminder to mark your calendar for WCQ: Mexico v Honduras (Estadio Azteca) on September 6th, and USA v Mexico (Columbus Crew Stadium) on September 10th!

2 thoughts on “Quick El Tri headlines: End of August 2013”

  1. I’m glad for el Tecatito. The Eredivisie is a European league that has worked wonders for Mexican players, ex; Salcido, Maza, Moreno, all who have made the leap to more competitive leagues. I think Diego Reyes should’ve went to Holland instead, but oh well. Hopefully Tecatito makes the leap to another league; Spain, Germany, Italy, etc… , in a few years. It kinda suck the way Rayados treated him and demoted him to their U 20’s where he didn’t even play. Bendito pacto de caballos… I mean, caballeros… Fifa should do something about that issue but whatever I guess…

    Got a few interesting articles. One is about a Mexican-Swedish young player who plays for IFK Goteborg in Sweden. He is 18. His name is David Gutiérrez Arvidsson. He has done some sparrings with Gotenborg and has had some call-ups with the first team as well. It’ll be interesting to see how he progresses and which natl. team he chooses. http://espndeportes.espn.go.com/news/story?id=1840752&s=mex&type=story

    The other article is about Federico Lavallén, a 16 year old Mexican-Argentinian player at River Plate youth set up. http://espndeportes.espn.go.com/news/story?id=1867215&s=mex&type=story He is the son of Pablo Lavallén; a former Atlas player among other teams. Anyhow. The kid says is his dream to play for México. The dumb press is already comparing him to Chicharito… I mean c’mon, let the kid breath and follow his path. Only time will tell if he is good enough but don’t compare him to Chicharito. It’s so stupid and useless at this point.

    There has been pressure for “Potro” Gutiérrez to call Lavallén to the Mexican U 17’s but he has declined. And I think “Potro” is right. He already has his base team that is set to play the U17 World Cup in UAE during the fall. Marco Antonio Granados, Ulises Jaimes, and Alejandro Díaz Liceaga are all set to be the offensive line México.

    But I guess it wouldn’t hurt to call Lavallén for the U17 training camps and see how good he is. They did the same with Cubo Torres back in ’11 when he wasn’t part of the U 20 team, but pressure from Jorge Vergara and Chivas had ” Pájara” Chávez change his mind and call Cubo for the U 20 World Cup in Colombia. We all know the rest of the history and what happened with Cubo…

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