Mexico 4, Ivory Coast 1: Shaking off the demons

Peralta was on point as he netted two for Mexico in their 4-1 win over Ivory Coast (Stan Honda)


2013 has been a nightmare for Mexico.

Coming into this game against Ivory Coast, Mexico had a ton of question marks. But as the whistle blew to start the game, Mexico came out with a better confidence. Granted just minutes into the game, Mexico got a goal via own goal by Ivory Coast, it nevertheless helped start up the energy.

Mexico didn’t do anything out of the ordinary, but on Wednesday night, you saw players just sticking to their game. Peralta, Giovani, and Reyna lead the offense throughout the match. Gio was on point for the majority of the match, and you can tell he flourished by himself on the right side.

The second goal came from Oribe Peralta in the 28th minute, and it looked like the chemistry was flowing for El Tri.

It should be noted that Chaco, the big name in this match played decent. He wasn’t extraordinary, but he did his job. It may have been a cleaner match had Torrado had not started, because as usual, Torrado was Mexico’s weakest link.

Right before the half, Gio made a decisive run down the right side and crossed it to Peralta for a 3-0 halftime lead.

The second half was more downplayed, but the energy was still there. In the 60th minute, Ivory Coast was awarded a penalty from a handball by Torrado in the box.

Mexico did their job to finish off the game, and to really top it off, Reyes made a run with the offense and assisted to Reyna for the fourth goal in the 90th minute.

The win is a definite confidence boost, and Chepo will have a lot to think about moving forward. Mexico’s next two matches are as big as they get. On September 6th it’s Mexico v Honduras (Mexico City), followed by USA v Mexico four days later (Columbus, Ohio).

Vamos México!


4 thoughts on “Mexico 4, Ivory Coast 1: Shaking off the demons”

  1. Even though Ivory Coast screwed up a lot and gave away 2 gols. The game was actually fluid compared to this whole year and credit to the mexican team for putting away chances. Oribe was excellent and Chaco Reyna Gio is a great triple threat of creativity. Chaco proved the haters wrong with a solid performance but damian had a bad couple of minutes which isnt shocking seeing as he is past his prime. All in all excited that mexico got its first convincing result and performance of the year heading down the last stretch of WCQ.

  2. Wow…. I’m shocked on how well the 4-3-3 worked in this game for Mexico. The 4-3-3 was awful in the gold cup, so I guess it was the selection of players that made the difference. Chepo deserves a lot of credit for letting go of his pride and switching from the usual 4-2-3-1 to an attacking 4-3-3. He also deserves a lot of credit for the starting line-up, it was near perfect for the players he called up. If this is the formation for the upcoming WCQs I see this as the line-up:

    *zavala- holding mid
    *hererra- box to box mid
    *giovani- attacking mid
    I could also see an inform reyna replace Guardado in the starting line-up, and maybe even peralta replace chicharito.

  3. What mexico got a new coach jaja even in the press conference chepo looks like he finally took a step on earth and left the cloud he was floating on. Now hopefully they could keep this up. Torrado still needs to go which I think that was the last of him I hope as for Reyes he had a great game that guy has good vision he could even play as midfielder. Chaco played decent he did what was expected from him but I still dont approve naturalize players playing for mexico. Gio and Reyna should always be on the pitch together with Peralta thats how I wanted them to play attacking from the middle and on the ground and if only Vela would show up on the roster to play along with Gio and Reyna. To bad things will be different when Hernandez shows up for the WCQs.

  4. Things will be different, i think it would be bold to bench chicharo an start peralta and then give chicharo 30 min to be a super sub, they have tried the peralta ch14 duo and they get in each others way, at this time peralta should start (coming from a HUGE ch14) since he has better link up play and a mid range shot. Reyna, Gio, Peralta, and chaco all deserve the nod after this performance. Peralta reyna fwds, gio right chaco left, with the freedom of roaming since thats how they played this game. Guardado should also be a sub bcuz of his poor form

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