Projections and Predictions: Mexico vs Ivory Coast

Gervinho could cause problems for Mexico’s backline (Getty)


Mexico has one last friendly before the final four games of WCQ. Coming into the match, Mexico fans have many questions concerning the roster. Specifically the call up of two naturalized players (Álvarez and Gimenez) and the absence of several European club players. Most of the arguments fall on one major aspect; it isn’t that naturalized players are not wanted, but that Mexico has more talent than those called.

Knowing how Chepo operates…here is the predicted lineup to take on Ivory Coast:


  • Corona
  • Meza, Maza (C), Moreno, Salcido
  • Zavala, Torrado
  • Dos Santos, Reyna
  • Peralta, Jiménez

Ivory Coast is brining some big name players, with a lot of European club experience. Major threats will come from Drogba, Gervinho, Kalou, and Touré to name a few.

It could be a long day for Mexico especially with the lack of creativity from the midfield play in recent months. And to top it off, there are several key injuries (Chaton, Montes, Chicharito etc) that could have changed the outlook of the roster.

Although it sounds like a lot of negativity, there is a possibility Mexico can find chemistry. However, even with a win over Japan, we haven’t seen much promise to that hope with this years results.

Game Prediction?

I predict this game to be similar to the Panama match in group stages of the Gold cup. I cannot see Mexico starting off with a ton of rhythm, and the two striker set with the midfield question marks makes for a long 90 minutes for El Tri.

Score: Mexico 1 Ivory Coast 2

Mexico faces Ivory Coast on August 14th in MetLife stadium. Game will begin at 9:00 P.M. eastern time.


5 thoughts on “Projections and Predictions: Mexico vs Ivory Coast”

  1. Very generous. Ivory Coast 2 Mexico 0. I really don’t see Mexico scoring with that midfield. Dos Santos cannot do it all himself. But whatevs, we should all be tired and worn out by our NT coach. I don’t even get excited anymore. The real question come roster selection is, “How many washed-up ‘veterans’ is Chepo going to flood the roster with?”

  2. On a lighter note I wanted to thank you Bryan for starting to write articles again. I really don’t like other sites and the place where you and Andrea came from ( really sucks hardcore. Too many racists and Tom Marshall is COMPLETELY biased in his view between MEX-USA.

  3. Sadly the line-up you predicted will be the one used on Wednesday. If Mexico wants to impress, the line-up should be a 4-2-3-1 with Corona, Layun, Reyes, Moreno, T. Nilo, Zavala, Montes, Gio, Reyna, Fabian, Peralta.

  4. 4-1 Chaco was a great call up “created” and made the game fluid something mexico doesnt do much now a days. Damian really was just another body Lucas Lobos shouldve been called in my opinion. A MUST START tho is diego reyes. Maybe the reyna,chaco,gio trio is needed for creativity as well. Either way feels good after seeing crap all year VAMOS MEXICO!

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