Mexico 1, Panama 2: “three strikes, you’re out”

Panama smashed Mexico’s hopes twice in one cup (USA Today)


Mexico was at one of its top peaks in recent history at the finish of 2012. Still toting the well deserved Gold medal, the boys in green were walking tall. The future was bright; continue demolishing the region in WCQ, and finish it off with some pizazz during the two upcoming tournaments.

However, after a disastrous start to WCQ and flop out of the Confederations, the Gold cup was supposed to be the last chance to cleanse ourselves of this summer of hell.

The tournament kicked off just as bad as we could have imagined. First, beaten in a Mexican backed Rose Bowl by our Panamanian foes. Followed by two victories which, in short, were snoozers.

After sneaking past Trinidad in the quarterfinals, it almost (keyword) looked as if Mexico would finally wake up to take on Panama for a revenge date. Yet again, Chepo de la Torre did anything but lead this team into the semifinals.

Not only did the game start off identical to the first game, but Chepo still didn’t budge on the changes needed. The two striker failure continued; Rafa Marquez Lugo was slow, lethargic, and looked lost. Chepo started him knowing full blown that he hasn’t scored, or caused any problem for opponents.

Mexico had a mix up on a set piece early in the second half and it was the nail in the almost inevitable coffin. Mexico couldn’t find the second goal…close, but even if they scored, Panama was the much more hungry side.

Mexico is leaving the Gold cup in complete disappointment. As two time reigning champs, the semifinal bow out is the cherry on the top of this summer of failure. The players do not trust Chepo, the tactics look off, and the brakes have given out on this ride. We have seen where it goes from here.

Unfortunately, Mexico fans (like myself) will most likely not get our wish. There will be little chances of a coaching change. There are a plethora of excuses the FMF will use. Injuries, out of form players, not the most crucial of tournaments etc. Are they valid? To an extent. But looking back on this cup, it was predictable.

But is it really hard to see?

  • WCQ
  • Confederations cup
  • Gold cup

Not one, not two, but three major failures.

That’s three Chepo…you’re out.

9 thoughts on “Mexico 1, Panama 2: “three strikes, you’re out””

  1. That was one of the worst displays ever in history from the Mexican natl. team. Chepo has really lost it. He should have not coached this team and rather focus in the WCQ. Why the hell did he had to screw this team up?. Tena should’ve coached this team. He would’ve made it work.

    I mean, seriously?, Hiqui and Topo as your leading center backs?. What a joke of a defense with all due respect. Hiqui made two mistakes which equaled Panama’s two goals. Why the heck didn’t Chepo called Mier in first place?. Hell, I would even prefer to see Leobardo instead of Hiqui or Topo. And why the heck called Cortes and Brizuela to have them sitting on the bench?. El Chepo es un tonto, tonto, tonto. Brizuela did more than other players in the few minutes he played than other player like Marquez Lugo or Chuleta. Cortes would have aldo helped a lot if Chepo wasn’t so stubborn. Alejandro Castro was a poor selection too.

    I’m very, very, very dissapointed with this squad just as all the Mexican fans. Where were Fabian and Chapo Montes during all the tournament?. Because scoring against Martinique doesn’t really count. So much for the people who hype Fabian and claim Montes should play the WCQ, yet they couldn’t helped México defeat Panama B team….

    The future looks very awful and hopeless for México. Why even bother make it to the World Cup only to make it to the knockout stages with these poor displayings. We might as well stay at home. We can’t even beat Panama in the WCQ nor the Gold Cup.

    I wish the FMF would give Tena the job but they’re so stubborn and stupid and probably stick with Chepo till the end, and that’s a shame because I think Tena can get the job done and hepl us improve. He is not as boring and predictable as Chepo. Tena can adapt to any team at any circumstances just like he proved at the Olympics.

    México is gonna have to make a lot of chances for the upcoming years if we ever want to make it big in football, starting with Compean and Decio. they need to go. They’re so imcompetent. We need a
    restructure of everything within our football. We need to improve our youth teams even more, and get rid of the mediocre system of the liguilla in the liga MX.

    Unfortunately Telerisa and Tv Azteca are the ones who are truly behind the decisions for the Mexican team. We need to get rid of their influence or else we’re never gonna improve.

    1. Mier could not be called up like the rest of the confeds team they were only allowed one tourny, also jimenez was there because he was originally on the prelimanary list of the gold cup roster, plus they had to get permission from america for him to even be in. Montes and fabian are really a bad choice to question, if we didnt have them we dont even win, more so montes he proved he is deserving of a shot at call me on the first team, fabians performnce was just ok.

    1. The chunk of wcq points in June was huge, and Chepo failed to get 7 points this summer. We are in way over our heads with no confidence. Completing failing to qualify would be obvious to cut Chepo go, but we shouldn’t have to wait that long to see that happen.

  2. Tena is part of chepos crew, if chepo goes he goes, how well did mexico play in olympics not tht great if we are being honest, the only thing is that peralta got hot. This whole cycle hasnt been impressive style wise but they were winning, because they had 2 goal scorers who got hot, now that teams know to cover our poachers (chicharo,peralta) we are in trouble and cant score. Coupled with other top plyers in bad form. My opinion on a new coach is piojo herrera he will play any formation to win, sub anybody and is brash and bold and has a “us against the world” mentality which lets face it non elite teams like our mexico needs.

    1. Plus I read that Tena was loyal to Chepo and would not take his job.

      The mental game is a huge part of the game which is why I wanted Klinsmann before the US got him. I think Herrera would bring intensity sorely lacking in this group.

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