Panama 2, Mexico 1: Gold Cup woes


Mexico started the defense of their Gold Cup 2011 title with a 2-1 loss to Panama.

The game in Pasadena saw Mexico carry on with their recent form despite fielding a different team.

Goals from Gabriel Torres gave Panama three points in group A. Marco Fabian scored the lone goal for Mexico.

Panama were awarded a penalty six minute into the game after Raul Jimenez took down Quintero.

Gabriel Torres shot for Panama and sent it past Jonathan Orozco.

In the 13th minute Rafael Marquez Lugo had the opportunity to level it for Mexico, but his header had little precision and his opportunity in front of goal was squandered.

Panama had an incredible opportunity in the 38th minute. The Panamanian players caught the Mexican defense and shot towards goal. Orozco saved and the shot was attempted and sent wide.

A pass from Israel Jimenez to Marco Fabian gave Mexico the equalizer before the first half ended. The Mexican goal medalist shot in front of goal and gave Mexico a bit of hope.

The glimmer of hope was soon extinguished in the second half. In the 47th minute Torres scored a second time for Panama for the 2-1 lead.

Mexico failed to generate much danger in the second half. Many of the same problems regarding finishing manifested themselves in an alternative version of the national team.

The final minutes were marred by the presence of pitch invaders.

Mexico: Orozco; Jiménez, Huiqui, Pereira(Valenzuela 45′), Aldrete; Enríquez, Castro(Peña 46′), Velarde(Brizuela 73′), Márquez Lugo, Fabián, Jiménez

Panama: Penedo, Rodríguez, Parris, Torres, Chen, Quintero, Gómez(Dios Perez 83′), Sánchez, Godoy, Torres(Cummings 87′), Waterman(Blackburn 69′).

Mexico’s latest performances can be summed up as ‘same old, same old.’ Unfortunately, it’s not Mexico’s previous style of “they played incredible, but lost like always.” Now, the play is just bad. It’s easy to point out several of the faults of tonight’s play(Israel Jimenez wasn’t looking very sharp save his assist to Fabian) and unfortunately it’s a bad collective display by the individuals. It’s not just one player that is playing bad that can be replaced.

The team can simply not find any presence up front whether it’s with the “A” or “B” team and it all comes down to tactics. Although he’s seen that things aren’t working out, “Chepo” and his management team seems determined to stick to their broken ideas.

It is of note that Isaac Brizuela is not cap-tied to Mexico. There was previous interest from the United States for the California born player.

It seems like a large amount of fans are calling for “Chepo’s” head, but on his part it seems like he’s determined to stay.

Frustration certainly boiled over against the Mexican manager with many reporting that he couldn’t leave the field because of the shower of beer and plastics raining down on him from the stands(which is a horrible display from Mexican fans, especially considering what happend in Vegas)

Mexico is currently tied for last place of group A with Canada with zero points. Panama and Martinique are up top with three points each.

El Tri faces Canada on Thursday(July 11) at 8:00 PM Pacific Time in Seattle at CenturyLink field in Seattle.


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