Mexico v Japan: A result which means nothing for Chepo’s future

Chepo’s run with Mexico in the Hex and Confed. cup has been a disaster (Reuters)


I rarely write negative about El Tri. I like to stay positive and look at the bright side about the future. However, I cannot bite my tongue much longer about Chepo. I have been reading the exact same thing from dozens of fans. If we have all been on the same page then something needs to be said. TriReport may be small, but as members of the media, we can voice the opinion of the fan. It seems most media is “talking” about Chepo’s poor performances, but no one is truly exposing his bullheaded ways.

Tomorrow, Mexico and Japan will take part in a complete friendly. It is such a low-tier game that will be shown on ESPNews. Instead Brazil and Italy will have the spotlight.

Wether Mexico is able to snag a measly three points tomorrow, it should have no effect on wether Chepo has earned the right to stay as manager. He has taken Mexico from a true force, to a one of the weakest teams in the Confederations cup.

At the moment, Chepo has Mexico sitting with an embarrassing 8 points in the Hex. We even needed our most dreaded rival to win, just to keep us from losing a spot in WCQ. Mexico has zero wins in Azteca, and not even a single goal scored at home.

Coming into June, Mexico needed results. The race for the World cup was getting tighter, and after three matches, El Tri sat with 5 weak points. Then Mexico, with their heads hanging, went to Brazil. Nothing changed with Chepo. He fields the same thing with minor touches, expecting different results…which is mind boggling.

It is clear Chepo has no idea what to do now. Instead of integrating the Olympic side (U-23, not overage) little by little, he kept them on the bench, and hasn’t called others. He continues a love for Salcido, Torrado, Maza, and other inefficient “vets.”

Torrado has been one of the most ineffective players since Guille Franco and Bofo in the 2010 World cup. He has no offensive presence and any quality opposing attack leaves him in the dust. Salcido seemed to have found a rhythm at LB, but that quickly fell apart. His slow tendencies, long shots, and indecisive nature adds nothing for Mexico.

Then there is Maza.

He gets manhandled by Mario Balotelli, and instead of making a statement and throwing in Reyes against Brazil…Maza is the starter. And what happened? Maza heads the ball beautifully to Neymar’s foot, almost on queue, for a Brazil goal. Then in the 93rd minute, Neymar makes a cut on Mier, and instead of covering for Mier, Maza watched Neymar fly into the box for the assist. 

I said months ago that Maza was not worthy of starter, let alone being captain. Yet, mistake after mistake, Chepo gives Maza the captains armband. As if Maza flipping off a camera wasn’t enough to show he is a weak leader.

Obviously, Maza has only been able to lead a team into a gentlemans club.

If Mexico can get a win against Japan, that is always good, but the verdict is out as far as I am concerned. Chepo de la Torre has lost his right to coach Mexico from here on out.

3 thoughts on “Mexico v Japan: A result which means nothing for Chepo’s future”

  1. Well said my friend n now I don’t blame Vela for coming back. Maza n the rest go to strip club nothing happens!!! N ch14 wow really he was there too smh. we all know Giovanni dos Santos loves them hos lol

  2. I hope Mexico keeps chepo, because honestly, he is the only option Mexico has. America’s coach might be an option but I personally like chepo more. Chepo is at fault for not giving the youth players a chance, however he is not at fault for Mexico failing in the final 3rd of the pitch.

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