Mexican NT sex scandal…again

Reports have been circulating around the Mexican National soccer team and their alleged visit to a strip club establishment after the loss to Italy in the Confederations Cup.

This is not the first time that these types of events have occurred.

In the 2011 edition of the Copa America in Ecuador, several players were punished for bringing prostitutes into their rooms. Among those were Jonathan Dos Santos and Marco Fabian.

The party was brought to the team in 2010 after a friendly against Colombia in Monterrey. Several players were fined. It was that occasion when Carlos Vela was suspended for the team and he hasn’t returned since that call.

This time Termas Centaurus was the chosen establishment.

According to Brazilian media, nine players attended the establishment.

The story was later confirmed by Mexican media by conferring with workers at the establishment and anonymous Mexican fans.

Cancha said that players visited on Thursday, management on Saturday, and everyone together on Sunday.

The players were alleged to have stayed out until 4 A.M. on their Thursday attendance.

It was also reported that groped several of the female workers and that some players continued on to acquire more private services.

Chicharito was alleged to have been there, but was seen not doing anything and sitting in a corner.

The director of the National teams, Hector Gonzalez Iñárritu, spoke somewhat further about the accusations but said that there were no reports from the players of anything out of the ordinary happening and that there was no way to keep watch of the team 24/7.

Links to stories that list the players that were allegedly there and what they did and with how many people are linked above.

The situation is very unfortunate and doesn’t come at the best of times.

What players decide to do in their free time is up to them, and to be honest I have very little interest in what they do with their personal lives. I don’t have the need to know who they’re dating, where they’re going, what’s going on with their family and such. There’s two hours that I care about, and that’s when they’re on the pitch.

Things are different when these happen when they’re supposed to be doing their job. Other times it may have been easier to let it slide. After a friendly? Sure, they’re done with their duty. On the weekends during the season with their teams? Ok, the club will probably deal with that discipline but we’ve seen what partying can do to a player.

It’s hard to work 24/7, several weeks at a time and with little personal time. But the job that these guys have is not a traditional job. And if what happened is true, it is unprofessional due to the circumstances that surround the team.

In the “real world,” an underperforming worker would surely be fired. The guys have been given plenty of opportunities(game after game), and a mess like this is pretty serious.

Similar situations have seen guys suspended off the team. That’s how serious situations have been in the past.

To be honest, these guys seem to think that they are untouchable. Perhaps what needs to be done to them is what was done to Carlos Vela. They need to see that the national team is a serious situation. They need to see they can’t just do what they want and have Mexico fans welcome them with open arms and revere them for everything they do. There needs to be consequences.

Unfortunately, it probably won’t happen. As it is, these are Mexico’s “best” players. They are the best opportunity that Mexico has at the moment to move on to the World Cup.

Only a year ago people were seriously dreaming and believing that Mexico had a shot at doing something not only in the Confederations Cup, but also at the World Cup 2014. Were they going to be real contenders? A Gold Cup, a gold medal, and several youth tournament titles seemed to support those thoughts.

Disciplinary action needs to be taken with the team. Fines don’t seem to affect the team since these events happen again and again with the same players. Perhaps some players need to be stripped of their leadership roles. Maybe they should be benched and new guys brought in.

One thing is certain, Mexican fans shouldn’t have to see their national team behave this way.

It’s time to move to Tahiti.


2 thoughts on “Mexican NT sex scandal…again”

  1. Well I personally don’t care what they do on there free time sometimes I go to a titti show when I get out of work and how Televisa is trying to protect there cash cow come on lets be honest no one goes to a strip club to sit in a corner and not doing anything. Besides no one broke the law or at least no one got caught so theres pretty much nothing to talk about but knowing how the mexican media is this is going to blow up as soon as the players arrive.

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