News for June 18, 2013

The Mexican national team is busy in preparation for the upcoming game against Brazil on Wednesday.

Read the latest news that surrounds the team.

Hugo Ayala will not play for Mexico in the upcoming Gold Cup. He had ankle surgery and will not complete his rehabilitation program in time to join the team. Juan Carlos Valenzuela from Club America has been called as his replacement.

Mexico’s U-20 team arrived in Turkey for the U-20 World Cup. Mexico begins the tournament on June 22 with a game against Greece. Mali and Paraguay complete group D.

Jonathan Dos Santos is being linked with Anderlecht in Belgium.

Giovani Dos Santos reportedly has offers to leave Mallorca. His current team was relegated to Spain’s segunda and reports state that teams in La Liga have made offers, as well as teams outside of Spain.

Recent reports said that Carlos Vela is slated to return to the national team in September, but many still wonder what the situation would be like with the national team if he were with them right now. Not wondering is Mexican manager ‘Chepo’ de la Torre. He says that Vela wouldn’t be all there. He’d be present physically and mentally but that Vela wouldn’t want to be there.

Although Mexico has given Brazil difficulty the last few years, Marcelo says revenge is not on their minds.


6 thoughts on “News for June 18, 2013”

  1. Corona,
    Severo, Reyes, Moreno, Salcido,
    Flores, Herrera, Barrera,
    Aquino, Dos Santos,

    Call me crazy but I think this line up could definitely open up the field and create passing lanes and goal scoring opportunities. If anyone thinks they can do better let me hear it.

    1. If thats crazy then im insane I would use a 4-2-4-0 formation
      Meza… Mier… Moreno… Torres Nilo
      Zavala… Herrera
      Flores… Dos Santos… Reyna… Guardado

      The reason I picked this formation is that mexico likes passing a lot and have more ball possesion than the opposing team. With Hernandez they cant really do that especially when countering.

    1. I love Guardado and I’d make any excuse to get him a start. But he seems to be a step slow. I don’t know if his legs are drained, his rhythm is off, or maybe he just feels like a privileged veteran. Barrera has proven he can handle the wing. I just wish for all 11 players to buy into Chepos plan of attack. It’s obvious that’s not happening right now.

  2. Man, I don’t have a good feeling about the U 20 team. Almaguer left some good players like Fierro and called unknow guys like Julio Morales. That sucks. Fierro should be part of that team. he is a talented player who makes a difference. I don’t think we’re going to do great in Turkey. I don’t think Almaguer is a good coach after what I saw in Toulon.

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