Why El Tri fans should be excited for the Confederations cup

Mexico is in need of a leader and Gio could be the answer (AP)


Mexico has been playing very ugly football.

Beginning with a dismal 1-0 over Jamaica, followed by two scoreless draws…everyone who wears green on game-day has been hanging their head.

But hold your horses…

despite the poor showing in June, Mexico is still in qualifying position. Actually, as long as Costa Rica does not lose on Tuesday, Mexico will at worst be in the fourth position. This is not even counting if the USA wins on Tuesday, which in addition will keep Mexico in third position (thanks rivals).

On Sunday, Mexico has a big game. It will be a new start. A quick one? Yes. But nonetheless, El Tri can redeem itself just days after the poor 0-0 against Costa Rica.

Here are three reasons Mexico and its fans should be excited for the Confederations cup.

1) Mexico will not be facing bunker ball

Mexico is heading into a very talented group. Italy, Brazil (host), and Japan will be going after El Tri guns blazing. But this is a good thing. Mexico has been playing CONCACAF teams who have been paying with eight, nine, sometimes ten players back defending. There will be none of this when Mexico faces off with Italy. No there is no guarantee than all of a sudden Mexico will just dominate. However, this does mean that teams will be playing more into Mexico’s game. The counter is where Mexico likes to punish teams, and the opportunities will be there in this tournament.

2) Mexico tends to play up to the bigger names

There are two sides of the coin to this one. Mexico has been known to play better against the bigger names, but then play down to the smaller ones. In the group Mexico is in, there are no smaller teams. All three foes are top nations who want nothing more but to go out and win. We have seen Mexico’s potential in the past, and with all the negativity surrounding them…El Tri will want nothing more but to silence the critics.

3) Go big or go home

There is nothing left but to go out and put it all on the line. Mexico does have concerns heading into the cup, but to be honest, so does every team. Italy has looked rusty, Brazil has been on a roller-coaster since 2012, and despite the talent, Japan doesn’t always play up to par with bigger name teams. For Mexico, as mentioned, a good tournament and the momentum will do wonders. Flop out of the tournament? The FMF will make major changes, and new management will take over. If Mexico can’t succeed in the region and international cups with the talent they have, then someone isn’t leading the team efficiently.

Will the good and bad pressure make Mexico the better team? Will it make the players wake up? Can they shake off the bad energy? Lots of questions, but there is only one answer…take the pitch and play passionate football for ninety minutes on Sunday.

Mexico takes on Euro powerhouse Italy on Sunday, June 16th.

Vamos Mexico!


9 thoughts on “Why El Tri fans should be excited for the Confederations cup”

  1. The players have some fault but who is really to blame is Chepo. Countless times iv’e seen Barrera and Guardado send crosses without even looking to Hernandez. Chepos tactics are old and is not working it seems he wants everyone to send crosses to Hernandez and ruin plays. El Tri needs to start playing on the ground. I hope when Vela come back Chepo aint there no more or his going to limit his talent by telling him to send crosses (ha lo pendejo) to Hernandez just like what his doing to Dos Santos and Herrera.

    1. I agree that the crosses thing needs to go. It is predictable and plays right into teams who are playing “defensive.” Hopefully Mexico gets back on track.

  2. We should go with what works. Luis tena did great with the team so he should be coach. I agree this has more to do with tactics. Too many times when mexico does bad fans say its cause they’re not playing the right players but mexico beat Brazil in the olympics without gio and I’m sure if mexico had lost that fans would have been saying if gio played the game would be different. Its true to a certain extent then again there was los galacticos. You have to have a coach firing on all cylinders.

  3. I just heard on Jorge Ramos y su banda that JDS said that Gio has a certain way of playing on the pitch that goes againts what Chepo wants thats why he has had few minutes also rumor is Vasco Aguirre is looking to get both Dos Santos

    1. FREAKING AWESOME! Both of them would be boss togeher. GDS, JDS, Moreno!? Damn… I think that you are right. I heard that somewhere else that Chepo doesn’t give him the freedom to do what he wants. He is stuck to the right wing..

    2. True that bro. When gio attacked the defense against italy, that wasn’t a el chepo tactic, that was a luis tena tactic used in the Olympics to force the other team players to make a mistake. Ummm maybe gio is trying to say something.

  4. It hurts me to say this because I love Guardado and Maza, but they must both be benched. Something is way off stylistically. Just cause Torrado is out there humping everyone’s leg doesn’t mean he’s playing good defense. Why is Reyes a bad start?? And where did Jimenez and Mier come from. I have to think this coach is either outthinking himself or just plain sabotaging this team.

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