List for Gold Cup 2013

The FMF released the list of the 23 players that will represent Mexico at the CONCACAF regional tournament, the Gold Cup.

Players will convene on June 17 under Salvador Reyes and Raul Gutierrez.

Jose Manuel de la Torre will take over when Mexico’s participation in the Confederations Cup in Brazil ends.

Jonathan Orozco
Darvin Chávez
Leobardo López

Moisés Muñoz
Miguel Layun
Adrián Aldrete

Cirilo Saucedo
Fernando Arce

Jorge Enríquez
Miguel Ponce
Marco Fabián
Rafael Márquez

Joel Huiqui

David Cabrera
Efraín Velarde
Javier Cortés

Carlos Peña

Israel Jiménez
Hugo Ayala

Isaac Brizuela

Cruz Azul
Jair Pereira

Omar Bravo

Javier Orozco

Mexico begins play in the Gold Cup on July 7 against Panama.


4 thoughts on “List for Gold Cup 2013”

    1. Chaton and Cabrera are better players than JDS. Just because Jona trains with Barca desn’t mean anything. You see, the Olympics were won without JDS. People think he is like Zidane or something. Dude can barely get a game with Barca.

  1. Brizuela yay!. I knew he was gonna get called up. I’m glad for Conejito. He earned and deserves this call-up. I agree and like most of the call-ups except for Cirilo and Arce. Arce is too old. He is 33. I would have called “Negro” Medina. He helped América win the championship and was an important player. I would’ve called Bocanegra from Atlas as well. He has dual citizenship and who knows if the US tries to snap him. I think we also need another center back. Bedolla from Jaguares would’ve been a good addition since he has experience. We also have too many left backs. Chispa, Aldrete, Darvon Chaves are all left backs. We need at least one more right back. I also think that Flaco Tena should be the coach. Not Chava Reyes Jr. Tena would really get this team to work. I’m not too keen on Chava Reyes Jr.

    My ideal team would be:


    Jiménez———Leobardo————Ayala——————–Chispa/Chavez/Aldrete (the left back is gonna be a tough one since they’re all capable. They’re all great players.


    ——————————————————-Bravo———-Marquez Lugo——————————————————–

    I would seriously bench Fabián because he really didn’t do nothing this lst tournament and was most of the time injured.

    Hopefully we a have a great Gold Cup and defend the title. i already bought my ticket for the game against Martinique. It’s gonna be a double header. Panama and Canada are gonna play afterwards. It’s gonna be a great game.

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