Mexico 0, Costa Rica 0: Pura Vida?

Chicharito laments an opportunity. CREDIT MEXSPORT
Chicharito laments an opportunity. CREDIT MEXSPORT

Mexico continued a worrying display in a 0-0 draw at the Azteca against Costa Rica during the hex phase of World Cup qualifying.

A 10 minute delay of the kick-off time wasn’t enough to shift the fortunes of the Mexican team and seven minutes of stoppage time only added to the agonizing display.

Mexico tried to start off the attack, but it was Costa Rica who arrived with danger. In the fourth minute Campbell moved down the left and hit a shot. The ball bounced at the base of the post past Jesus Corona’s outstretched hands but deflected out and Mexico were saved from being a goal down.

Opportunities were rarely created by Mexico and passes were squandered.

In the 27th minute Chicharito attempted to help Mexico create a chance. He received a pass and attempted to set it up in the box, but no one was there to finish off the shot.

It was Costa Rica in the 37th minute that looked close to scoring. Campbell drew up some danger. The Mexican defense had were caught off there marks when Campbell took a shot. Corona blocked the shot and without any opposition player to follow up, the score remained at zero for both sides.

The second half started with Mexico looking lackluster. It wasn’t until the 53rd minute that el Tri had an opportunity. Guardado set up Salcido, but Costa Rican goalkeeper Navas saved.

Costa Rica held back and Mexico weren’t conjuring up enough to stir up danger.

The game stopped briefly as Mexican fans launched objects and shone green lasers at the corner where Ruiz attempted a corner kick for Costa Rica.

Maza saved Mexico from going down in the 78th minute by cutting off Cunningham.

In the 94th minute Raul Jimenez asked for a penalty to be given after going down but he was waved off.

Line ups

Mexico: Corona; Maza, Salcido, Barrera(63′ Aquino), De Nigris(54′ Jimenez), Chícharo, Moreno, Herrera(74′ dos Santos), Zavala, Guardado, Flores

Costa Rica: Navas, Gamboa, Umaña, González, Acosta, Díaz, Tejeda, Barrantes(76′ Borges), Bolaños(65′ Cunningham), Ruiz, Campbell(85′ Saborio)

Unfortunately these are not the results that have been expected out of Mexico especially when playing at home. Theoretically the games at the Azteca should have been three points in the bag, but as of late even a point from a draw is a sigh of a relief considering how the team is playing.

Uninspired, sloppy, scared…those words sum up the recent experience. No one seems to know how to handle the team and the desperation seems obvious on the field.

Mexico immediately flies out to Brazil for the Confederations Cup game against Italy on Sunday. Perhaps the only upside to the situation is that Mexico often elevates their level while playing against the traditionally “strong teams.” Italy is also coming off a 2-2 draw against Haiti.

And with little time in between this game and the start of the Confederations tournament, those calling for
Chepo’s head might be disappointed. Surely he won’t be fired and replaced with such a short time.

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9 thoughts on “Mexico 0, Costa Rica 0: Pura Vida?”

  1. Very sad day once again, Chepo only has this confederations games to show what the team can bring if not please get rid of him. The quality of players is there but he just hasnt been able to manage the team and many wasted matches with his ignorant line ups that has El Tri in a worse situation now. Theres a few coaches that would and should take over if El Tri fails for confederations.

    1. So frustrated with bunker ball vs. Mexico. Who seriously comes out with 5 defenders? I think that Chepo hasn’t been able to break through the “park the bus” tactics that ALL concacaf teams have been doing with Mexico. Vela, JDS? Where are you?

      1. Thanks! But in the comments below that, they really don’t want to see Vela in Mexico. I wonder why Gio plays well with Mallorca and not so much with Mexico (as of recent)?

  2. Chepo out Vela in ch14 and Giovanni should be forwards together not Aldo Giovanni is better as a forward!!!!! Just saying

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