Mexico 0, Panama 0: Lackadaisical and uninspired

Torrado has been Mexico’s weakest player in WCQ (Getty)


Mexico headed to Panama for their second WCQ game of June. Mexico was coming off a big win against Jamaica, and spirits were high coming into this game.

Mexico started off the first 20 minutes with a lot of pressure and a few good attacks. Yet, Mexico showed a major lack in the attack, mostly thanks to the midfield. Torrado was El Tri’s weakest link. Poor passes, poor defending, and just overall sub-par play.

Mexico had a few close chances, but nothing found the back of the net. There was a very sloppy tackle on Hernández in the box, but the referee refused to call a penalty.

The lack of inspiration lead Mexico into the half at 0-0. The second half was not too much more exciting. The game was made up of a lot of possession for Mexico, but most of which lead to nothing.

Before the game, I predicted that Panama would come out swinging, but they were hardly threatening. They did have a close shot which was heroically saved by Corona. However, even if Panama scored, it should not have counted as Chicharito was choked on the play.

Chepo made very strange substitutions to say the least. Reyna subbed in for Giovani and was fairly invisible. Then Flores came into the game which was good, but for the wrong player. Chepo left Meza in and took off Aquino. Meza was not very effective and needed to come off.

Lastly, Chepo let Torrado play the full 90. It was a very frustrating move as Torrado looked like a ghost for Mexico. He should not be starting when Herrera is on the roster. Mexico once again claimed a draw at 0-0. This puts Mexico in third place in WCQ, but to make matters worse, Mexico has played one extra game than the other top-4 teams.

Mexico is in a must win situation going into Tuesdays match against Costa Rica, who won today against Honduras. Not only does Mexico need three points in WCQ, but they need positive energy heading to Brazil for the Confederations cup.

Vamos Mexico!

19 thoughts on “Mexico 0, Panama 0: Lackadaisical and uninspired”

  1. Iam calling it right now, if they don’t win on Tuesday “El Chepo” should be sacked. He has so much talent at his disposal yet chooses old players when we have youth who have won an Olympic gold medal! Losing faith in Ell Chepo…

    1. Completely agree. Not that I won’t support Chepo but I would love to see Tena at the helm. The Olympic team was fun to watch.

      Starting Torrado & Meza when you have Herrera and Flores… Why not send Jimenez in for Chicharito and don’t get me started with Reyna ( who is not even a starter on his club).

      The team is a reflection of the coach and right now this team looks lost, uncreative and most alarmingly with a lack of urgency. Very different from the team that won the Gold Cup two years ago.

    2. Torrado is the weakest link on the team. But let’s face it doesn’t fall on him. This is all Chepo’s fault. The Reyna substitution was the worse play of the game. Time and time again I saw him out of place and within inches of his own teammate. He hasn’t played with el tri in how long? Why not Barrera? Who looked to be finding his way on the team. Guardado is also someone who hasn’t played like I know he can play. I think Chicharito can’t score because there’s always someone new sending in crosses. Again Chepo needs to step his managing game up.

      1. Vucetich was a finalist for the job but he took himself out of the running. I really wanted him over Chepo.

  2. Why are Mexican managers so hard headed? Starting Torrado reminds me of Aguirre putting Bofo in the WCup. Both of them should not be in the team, let alone on the field.

    Herrera should start. And now it’s time to draft new MF like JDS into the team.

    1. Exactly!!! I get so pissed looking at the line up! Don’t get me wrong, Torrado has done well in the past, but now we have to look forward. Trust me, you and I are both steaming with Aguirre!We are up against Argentina and BOFO starts? Fail of the Century.To rub it in, BOFO played horrendous. Anyway, hope to see a livelier line-up with a blend of both vets and youth.

    1. Can we get an update on Mexico’s schedule, maybe post their starting line-up for the upcoming game? Who starts? Who sits? Thanks, It’s just that I usually come to this site first.

      1. There’s now a small post for this game!

        We’re also working on some changes to the site to make game days a better experiences.

        Stay tuned and thanks for visiting us first! we really appreciate it!

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