Mexico 1, Jamaica 0: Por tres puntos

A great header from Aldo gave Mexico their first victory in 2013 (AP)


Mexico’s ugly draw streak is officially over thanks to a 1-0 victory over Jamaica. The previous meeting between the two teams resulted in a 0-0 draw in Estadio Azteca.

Mexico knew three points were crucial, if not mandatory. Being a heavy favorite at the end of the third round of CONCACAF WCQ, the lack of victories was becoming an ugly trend for El Tri fans.

The first half of the game was virtually a repeat of the match earlier this year. Very few chances were created and Mexico actually looked very lazy. It was very frustrating to see, because the game against Nigeria looked to be a breathe of fresh air, as Mexico played with fluidity and poise (even with 10 men).

Yet, thanks to a great goal from Aldo de Nigris, Mexico took a 1-0 lead in the second half. To add, Corona was an absolute force in the net for El Tri, making several clutch stops.

Mexico would find themselves with more possession and oportunities to score, but Donovan Ricketts was a minor savior for Jamaica. A few of his saves were the difference from Jamaica staying in the match or going down 2-0, maybe 3-0.

After 90, Mexico finally was able to celebrate their first victory of 2013. Hopefully the first of many.

Up next is a very difficult road game against Panama on Friday June 7th. The match will begin at 10:00 P.M. ET.

Mexico currently is atop the CONCACAF with six points, but needs to make sure they stay levelheaded to keep it as such.

Vamos Mexico!

8 thoughts on “Mexico 1, Jamaica 0: Por tres puntos”

  1. I just hope that’s the last we’ve seen of Ochoa. Corona is the superior goalie, I was amazed at how poised he remained through out the match. I know Jamaicans are fast but we looked a few steps slow on a few breakaways that should’ve been taken advantage of.

  2. Chepo should thank Corona for saving his job. However you cannot say that Corona is ‘superior’ if you have seen Ochoa play in France, where he has saved his team from relegation. Having two great keepers is a good problem.

    The main problem was in MF where for some reason Torrado started again and was once again the worst player on the pitch. He offers no creativity or speed. Herrera should be starting.

    Also Gerry Flores looked good and should continue to see time. Barrera and Chicharito had unusually poor performances.

    De La Torre once again awful coaching and adjustments. Really interested to see how we fare in Confed Cup

      1. No both goalies are not fine. Look up the stats. How many goals has Corona given up compared to Ochoa on the national level? You cannot tell me Ochoa would’ve stopped them. Nobody cares what he did in France against 2nd tier players. I certainly don’t.

      2. PSG is not made up of second tier players. He had two clean sheets against them.

        It is hard to downplay the work Ochoa has done, specifically in the 2009 WCQ. I have a lot of faith in both keepers.

      3. Picante24, I think you’re a Cruz Azul fan and it may be blinding some logic:)

        GK stats are probably the most overrated of all. Ligue 1 > Liga Mexicana / Jamaican National Team … by miles. And Ochoa has been linked with big clubs – Liverpool, Napoli, etc.

        Both keepers are great though, Corona earned himself a start v Panama. Vamos el Tri!

      4. Actually I’m not a Cruz Azul fan, Zain. I’m a Chivas fan, I feel like a proud dad every time I see Chicharito score for Man U. So I’m also a Man U fan. Brian you are right, Ochoa did get a clean slate against PSG. I’ve been watching El Tri for the last 16 years, I’ve watched Memo play for a few years now and I never bought his talent. I love El Tri, I would die a happy man to see us win a World Cup. And still I say Ochoa is not the answer. Save yourself the rumor talk please. Until he has a successful season at one of the big dog teams, then we can talk, and I will eat my words. Until then VAMOS Corona y Mexico!!

  3. I think this win will give them confidence moving forward. I hope Chepo will use an offensive minded line-up v. Panama. I would put in Flores for Meza, Moreno for Maza, Herrera for Torrado, GDS for De Nigris.

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