Mexico vs Nigeria: What we learned

Chicharito continues his great form with Mexico (USA Today)


Mexico played in an action packed match last night in Houston, TX. The game started heavily in favor of Mexico, but a red card sent Barrera to the bench and Nigeria would eventually take a 1-2 lead. Mexico persevered and in the second half. Chicharito found the back of the net to make it 2-2. It was another draw, but with the circumstances, El Tri has reason to hold their heads high.

1) Mexico’s passion was at an all-time high for this year

When Mexico was playing with 11 on the pitch, they had total control of the game. Barrera split defenders, Chicharito had a couple of good runs, Guardado was chasing down the ball etc. Everything was going right for Mexico. However, when Barrera got the red it looked like Nigeria was going to run the game. Yet, Mexico saw a 1-2 scoreline and lost no confidence. The play of Chicharito, Guardado, Flores, Zavala and crew was stellar. Even with the scoreline 2-2, and a man down, Mexico had several close opportunities to win. This new boost in rhythm should transfer right into CONCACAF WCQ.

2) Zavala and Herrera must start

Torrado opened up the game with Zavala, but soon would be seen as Mexico’s major weak link. Torrado was having trouble pushing forward and really found himself passing back more than to the attack. When Herrera came into the match, Mexico countered with fluidity. Attack after attack, El Tri was able cause problems for the defense. Moreover, Zavala was able to fall back and help the defense (even having solid slide tackles). These two need to continue gaining a chemistry, because they are young and have plenty of talent.

3) Nigeria should be a favorite to advance in their Confed. cup group

Although Mexico clearly should to be the better team for most of the game, Nigeria was still a dangerous side. Grouped with Uruguay, Spain, and Tahiti, Nigeria has plenty of weapons to do damage in the Confederations cup. What would be even more intriguing is if Mexico and Nigeria could find themselves in a rematch. Throughout the game, the two squads had scrums, hard tackles, and handful of yellow cards. It would make for a great Confederations cup game if Mexico can manage to face off with the Super Eagles.

Mexico will now head to Jamaica for WCQ. The month of June is going to be very important for El Tri as they have three qualification games, as well as the Confederations cup. Mexico will battle Jamaica on June 4th.

Vamos Mexico!


10 thoughts on “Mexico vs Nigeria: What we learned”

  1. I was very disappointed during the first half of the game because I saw Mexico unmotivated to play and also playing defensive. In the second half, I agree with you that Zavala and Herrera must star but also I want to add to the list Flores. I feel confident now but Mexico needs to find another way to score, we cannot depend on Chicharito every game.

      1. Indeed, He’s in good shape, he played the Liga MX final and He knows the needs to take advantage of this call up, remember he was the substitute of Peralta

  2. Mexico is too predictable, if they want to advace in the confederations cup they need a playmaker in the middle & some else other than Hernandez needs to score!

    1. I believe Mexico is predictable when they resort to crossing. I don’t know why Chepo didn’t fix that sooner. We are successful when we stay to short passes, and split opposing defenses.

  3. I agree with jesse we need someone that can score besides Hernandez MÉXICO started to play beutyful football after Hernandez left but left the pitch with out someone that can score. Reyna had a exelent game he should replace Guardado in my opinion more technical and more creative than Guardado. Our defence looked solid but would be better with Torres Nilo, Reyes, Mier, and Flores again in my opinion but what made it an exciting game was our midfielders that know how to attack and are creative such as Herrera and Zavala wich are good defenders as well…
    Perdon por mí ingles


    1. I forgot to mention that was clearly a penalty and was well called by the referee such a shame because Barrera was playing very well. Mexico looks in good shape as far as player by player goes except for a forward player we cant depend on one player we just need Chepo to rotate the players around a bit like Dos Santos Guardado Barrera Reyna and if Vela shows up on the squad this players can play more than one position maybe this would make mexico less predictable.

  4. Barrera is finally back and that’s great news for both el Chepo and el tri. Too bad he got sent off but I’m glad he is back. We really needed him. His link up with Chicharito was oustanding. Both Chicha and Barrera are gonna cause some troble to the opposite defenses.

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