FMF releases list of players for qualifiers, Confederations Cup

The FMF released the list of 23 players that will play in the upcoming games of the Mexican national team.

The called up players will convene on May 23rd in Mexico City. Those players in the Liga MX final will report on Monday, May 27th.

Players from Europe will join the team in Houston.

Screen Shot 2013-05-19 at 8.02.01 PM


The list of players will participate in the following games:

Screen Shot 2013-05-19 at 8.04.11 PM

Notably missing is Carlos Vela

A new list will be released for the squad participating in the Gold Cup that will take place later in the summer.

Oribe Peralta will be replaced by Gerardo Flores of Cruz Azul.

19 thoughts on “FMF releases list of players for qualifiers, Confederations Cup”

  1. Hmm. I wonder if Vela rejected again or if Chepo is just showing Vela that he’s the boss.

    Oribe Peralta? He’s been injured for awhile. Salcido and Torrado? C’mon. I guess they’re ok. They have experience.

    Talavera!? That’s just showing favoritism.

    Better fullbacks should have been called up. I don’t trust Severo Meza. I guess Mier can play it.

    1. Torrado has been in really good form as of late. And I like Mier, but more as a centerback. For right back, im surprised Gerardo Flores didn’t get called up, although Meza does okay. I heard that Oribe would be out, so not sure why he got called up. And you’re right about Talavera, Jonathan Orozco has been in really good form…he deserves a call. Maybe for Copa Oro?

    2. Chepo said that Vela wasn’t called up because he wasn’t focused on this on the project of the NT.

      As for Oribe…he was called but apparently whether he joins up or not will depend on the injury thing.

  2. I don’t understand this squad there is no vela, Fabian, cortes, jona, and chaton
    I just think that Mexico isn’t going anywhere anymore.
    I hope these guys at least get to play in the gold cup

    1. Chepo said Vela wasn’t really focused on the NT and that’s why he wasn’t called.

      The guys(a bulk from Chivas) will probably play the GC…but even they will be out of rhythm. Fabian and Chaton will be getting back from injury.

    2. I really don’t understand Chepos faith in Reyna but not Cortes. If Chepo calls Bravo in WCQ due to “form”
      then there is NO reason to not give Cortes a shot.

  3. My hopes of Mexico making a run in the confederations cup are almost gone now. Vela is mexicos best player and his confidence is sky high, I honestly don’t know how and why he is left off the list. I hope chepo knows what he’s doing

    1. Chepo said Vela’s head was somewhere else and not on the NT and that’s why he wasn’t called. On one had, it does make sense not to have him. Why call up someone that’s not 100% there?

      1. Wow, that’s actually really sad. But then again, no player is more important than the team. Aquino/Barrera will be ready to take that RM spot for good.

      2. I think it’s common now to call players that are not in good shape, I remember Nery Castillo, and Barrera – when he was “playing” in Spain

  4. WHAT THE HELL!? Not looking forward to this at all… There was a point that I would say, “In Chepo we trust” but not now. Favoritism is NOT the way to go! I hope for the sake of MEX that they get out of the group stage in the Confeds. This is a good team, but I can already see a pretty bleak starting line-up. Damn it…

    1. I haven’t found one but it seems like the u-20 guys are the ones that will represent Mexico. They’ve been on a US tour playing against several universities for the last couple of weeks. Many of them have also tweeted out things related to turning their attention to Toulon. This is a list of players who were called earlier and should be the bulk of those going.

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