Mexico 0, Peru 0: ‘Inca-pable’

Pablo Barrera in action with the Mexican national team in 2013(Mexsport)
Pablo Barrera in action with the Mexican national team in 2013(Mexsport)

Mexico faced Peru in an exhibition game in San Francisco, CA that ended in a 0-0 draw.

With a team full of Liga MX players, Mexico traveled to the US in an attempt to make changes to its form.

Mexico seemed to have gained advantage in the second half when Omar Bravo earned a penalty, but shooter Angel Reyna failed to capitalize on the opportunity.

The prematch ceremonies started with a support banner held by both teams in support of the recent bombings in Boston, Massachusetts. It was intended for there to be a minute’s silence for the recent events.

Mexico attempted to take advantage of the opening minutes, with Rafael Marquez Lugo calling for a penalty in the fifth minute. Nothing was given and the match continued with a corner kick.

Both teams attempted to move forward but continually got stuck in the midfield. Mexico attempted a few shots, but they were easily captured by Peruvian goalkeeper Carvallo.

Raul Jimenez had one of the better opportunities for Mexico in the 34th minute after receiving a pass from Gerardo Torrado and taking on the Peruvian defense. A shot from the left seemed to be veering in at a tight angle which was further decreased by Carvallo. The ball ended up hitting the side netting and the game continued 0-0.

There were a few changed in the second half with Alfredo Talavera replacing Jesus Corona, and Peña and Torrado leaving the field for Herrera and Molina.

The second half continued in much the same way as the first with the teams failing to provide any danger.

It wasn’t until the 68th minute that Bravo earned a dubious penalty after a foul from Ramos that had the referee pointing to the spot.

Angel Reyna stepped up to the box to take the shot, but Carvallo guessed correctly and managed to block the Mexican player’s shot.

Talavera showed off quick reflexes in the 76th minute with the save of a ball that bounced dangerously in the Mexican box.

Neither team managed to do any damage in the remaining minutes and the game ended in a 0-0 draw.

Mexico XI: Corona, Rodríguez, Ayala, Torres Nilo, Flores, Peña, Torrado, Reyna, Barrera, Jiménez, Lugo.

Peru XI: Carvallo, Duarte, Ramos, Contreras, Céspedes, Ballón, Albarracín, Guevara, Gómez, Advíncula, Yordy Reyna.

Mexico will face Nigeria on May 31st in Houston, Texas in preparation for their Confederations Cup participation.

10 thoughts on “Mexico 0, Peru 0: ‘Inca-pable’”

    1. Exactly what I was thinking. It’s becoming a trend that I really don’t like. I’m just shocked at the quality that Mexico has and the results that it gets, especially against teams I “think” they should be walking over. The game was horrendous and Mexico gave WAY TOO many turnovers. Oh well, El Tri faithful we shall remain! Here’s to them shaping up!

  1. This was a really ugly game, no creativity at all. Pablo Barrera was the only bright spot.

    Chepo is on the brink. Him and Vela need to grow up and solve their problems because they need each other

  2. Partido para el olvido. Horrible presentacion del Tri.

    I wanted to see Chispa Velarde play. Shame he didn’t get to play. I think Cortés also should’ve been given more minutes. Y lo dicho, no entiendo que hacen jugadores como Flores en el Tri. Would rather prefer to see Israel Jiménez.

    And then there’s others like Isaac Brizuela and Bocanegra who didn’t even get noticed by Chepo.

    I respect Chepo but it does really seems he loses his marbles at times.

    An I think this demonstrates the lack of a real 10 when Gio is not available. We still are stll not producing enough attacking midfielders. That’s an actual fact.

    1. Cortes should have come on WAY sooner, I agree. I hope this shows that calling Bravo is just not in the books for El Tri. We played a very inexperienced team and our vets got shut down.

      Barrera was a bright spot, I could not believe his acceleration. He has a ways to go, but he is making a name for himself…again.

  3. what happen to di nigris,peralta,torres nilo,paul aguilar,and maybe even sinha you laught now but im just tossing a couble of names out there

  4. I don’t know if it is just me, but doesn’t it annoy you guys that watch the game on ESPN that these guys always either have wrong facts about our team or call Carlos Salcido Jorge Salcicdo? Ha! Just kinda cracked me up and was telling my girlfriend how horrible their commentating is. Much rather watch these guys than that Univision guy. Also, since they moved to espn, they haven’t won a game. Haven’t heard then REALLY scream goal because that PK vs Denmark was weak. Just wish they would win one.

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