Mexico’s roster for Peru friendly

Barrera will make his long anticipated return since his knee injury (Getty)


Goalkeepers: Corona, Talavera

Defenders: Reyes, Ayala, Israel Jiménez, Torres Nilo, Maza

Midfielders: Velarde, Gerardo Flores, Torrado, Barrera, Luis Montes, Hector Herrera, Carlos Peña, Javier Cortés, Reyna

Forwards: Omar Bravo, Márquez Lugo, Raúl Jiménez

It seems Chepo is still going to try and mix up some youth and experience for this friendly. Hopefully we can utilize this game and get a rhythm going into May. I like the fact Pablo Barrera is getting another shot since his knee injury, as well as the Cortés call. Both players can be great additions down the road. The absence of Santos and Monterrey players will be due to their clash in the CONCACAF Champions league games that week.

Ideal lineup & formation (4-2-3-1)

  • Corona
  • Jiménez, Ayala, Reyes, Torres Nilo
  • Peña, Herrera
  • Barrera, Reyna, Cortés
  • Raúl Jiménez

What are your thoughts on the call ups? Who do you like added, who did you not want to see? 

Mexico plays Peru on Wednesday (4/17) in San Francisco.

Vamos Mexico!


13 thoughts on “Mexico’s roster for Peru friendly”

  1. Didn’t really quite like all of the roster. I think Chepo is rewaring too much the Cruz Azul players for the “historic Copa MX title”. I mean, if you saw the match it was just poor. An absolute snoozefest. Atlante could’ve won it s well and hell, I bet Chepo would called its players in that case but that’s not the point.

    Gerardo Flores?, really. Oh well. Barrera I guess it’s okay because he was important in the past and is slowly returning to his form, and this call up could give him confidence.

    Montes? I didn’t like his call up either. Leon has been a distater. Would rather call Conejito Brizuela who’s been really impressing.

    I would have also called Ricardo Bocanegra from Atlas in order to get him more accustomed for the Gold Cup. He is a fantastic player. He has dual nationality so I think we better hurry before the States snaps him.

    Óscar Razo deserves a chance I think. We don’t have that many quality left backs to sub in Torres Nilo. Atlas is like the second best defense and Razo has been pretty solid since his days at Morelia. Édson Rivera maybe too.

    Finally Marquez Lugo gets his very deservedly call up. He has been very impressive.

    What about Sambueza?. I don’t think many people like him but he has been a very important player for América along Jiménez. Sambu has said he would be very proud to represent el Tri. And I mean, we have have called worse Nacionalizados than him. Jus think about Guille and tell me Sambueza is worst than him even though they play different positions.

    1. I think Sambueza would be a great addition to Mexico. He could be a perfect fit at the Gold cup, a leader with proven consistency IMO.
      My main concern for this game is the midfield. I really hope we see Herrera and Peña together. Honestly, I think their pairing could be legit.

    2. As a Leon fan I have to disagree with you on your questioning of the Montes call. I have seen most if not all of their games and while they have been underachieving Montes is hardly to blame. He is a very creative player with a “PROVE IT” attitude. He has better than decent accuracy from shots outside the box and can do well from free kicks. I am very happy to see Montes and Peña in the national team because I have seen their talent and love of the game.

      On a side note. I knew that the signing of rafa marquez and nery would spell disaster for Leon. These are two players that have a piss poor attitude and no respect for the game. This does not translate to good football or team chemistry.

      Also, I really hope William Yarbrough learns as much as possible about being a keeper. This kid is BIG and while physical traits are not everything I know that if he pairs it with hard work and desire that he could surely make a name for himself.

      1. I agree that Montes deserved a call. We should be able to take care of this Peru team, so why not give him a shot. I think he is more deserving than Torrado or Bravo.

      2. I stand still. Leon is a disaster. Therefore I don’t understand why call their players if they aren’t doing enough in the season. That’s the questioning.

        I’ve seen Brizuela and Bocanegra and they have a prove it attitude as well. Not to mention they’re having a better season.

        I think Cabrera is being missed too. After his injury, he is recovering his level that took him to el Preolimpico where he was a starter ahead of Chaton.

      3. Cisco. If through being consistent with your argument wouldn’t you agree that Gio Two Santos shouldnt deserve a call up either? Mallorca currently sits at the bottom of the table looking relegation straight in the eye.

        I will tell you that I do not watch all Liga MX games and therefore I am not familiar with all the players you have mentioned. Although, I do catch glimpses here and there. So obviously my opinion would be considered narrower than others and more subjective.

        I wouldn’t agree with the hype around Raul Jimenez. Last night he looked extraordinarily ordinary. I’am not much of an eagle man myself but maybe the lovers of the Federal District team see something I don’t.

      4. Jimenez just had an off night. He is pretty good when it comes to the arial attack. He has good pace, uses both feet and keeps shots low. Hope he can make an impact on Wednesday.

  2. I think chepo needs to call up Tecatito Corona. The guy is a playmaker which is what we’re lacking. I really like the Cortez call up. Why doesnt chepo give pikolin from pumas a call up

    1. I think it’s too early. Tecatito is very talented indeed but I think we’re hyping him a lot right now. He needs to keep his feet on the ground. He is set to play in the U20 World Cup in Turkey. We’ll see how well he does and he might be able to go to the Gold Cup if he impresses at Turkey. Plus he wouldn’t be able against Peru. As Bryan mentioned, Monterrey players weren’t call up because of the Concachampions final.

      1. I hope we see Corona soon though. Right now the rumor is Juventus is interested. Could you imagine him making a push for a 2014 spot? Crazy talent coming up.

      2. Fiorentina and Lazio are interested in Tecatito as well. He is gonna be a free agent in summer I believe. I’ve heard a rumour he is gonna sign with an European club in the summer.

        I don’t really see him making a push for 2014 considering we’re a year away. Plus, there’s the fact Chepo relies more on the experienced rather than the younger ones. I mean, we’re seeing it with the Olympians.

        But like I said, I don’t think we should rush Tecatito. He is talented but todo a su debido tiempo.

  3. I love this line up because they have all my favorite players from my favorite team cruz Azul but the forwards are not what I was expecting.

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