Why Mexico will turn things around in June

Diego Reyes established himself during the WCQ against the USA (Getty)


Mexico was moments away from three points in Honduras, but in the end, found only one. Then against the USA, Mexico dominated possession, kept the ball away from danger, and even drew multiple penalties (although not called). Yet again…one point. Both fans and media are starting to wonder if El Tri will ever find the chemistry it had in the third round of WCQ. Although it appears Mexico is having a disappointing start, here are three reason Mexico will find success for WCQ in June.

1) First up is Jamaica…who has been exposed

Mexico had a very difficult game against Jamaica at home in February, and in the end, they drew 0-0. Since that point, Jamaica has not been playing up to par. They tied again Panama at home, and then was shutout 0-2 against Costa Rica. Mexico, surprisingly has played very well on the road, which could mean their first three points could arrive on June 4th. Moreover, Honduras was easily the most difficult road game, and although Mexico drew, Jamaica will not pose the same threat as Honduras. Looking at Jamaica’s schedule, there are no friendlies for them up to the clash against Mexico, which doesn’t help their cause.

2) Enough time and pressure for Chepo to make clear-minded adjustments

We have a couple of months before we get back to a very important time in WCQ. That being said, Chepo knows that the weight of El Tri is on his back, and this should cause him to make changes needed. If we look back to the last two qualifiers, Mexico dominated possession, but when the game shifted to “Mexico vs Bunker ball,” Mexico couldn’t find the net. This was mainly due to the poor pairing of Zavala-Salcido. To be honest, they both have similar qualities. Had Herrera started with Zavala, I feel Mexico could break the bunker. In addition, the youth continues to step up! I felt much more comfortable with Reyes paired up with Moreno than Maza. Chepo has to see the production these young guys bring. Let’s be real, there is a reason Euro scouts are raving about them.

3) The Nigeria friendly

Nigeria is one of the hottest teams in Africa. Not only will they be in the Confederations cup, but the timing of the friendly on May 31st is perfect. Mexico will be able to utilize this game to fix any bugs, and be able to get a good vibe going into Jamaica on June 4th. As mentioned Jamaica will not be in any friendlies up to June, and neither will Panama (Mexico’s second game in June). Mexico has enough time and practice to figure some factors out and finally shut the critics up.

On a final note, in 2009, Mexico had only three points after four matches (one win, three losses). Mexico is not only more talented now, but they have been the better team in their WCQ games this time around. Just a few changes, practice, and new names is all that is needed to get Mexico on its way to success.

Vamos Mexico!

10 thoughts on “Why Mexico will turn things around in June”

  1. Thanks Bryan for your positive words on this matter. I was so frustrated with the game vs the US that I just said to hell with it. Mexico was just not living up to what I thought was the Mexico from the 3rd round… I guess in my mind Mexico should not be tying or losing to any of these CONCACAF teams. I sure hope that come June there is a breath of fresh air and it is back to business as usual. I hope.

    On a side note, look of what Honduras think of our CH14:

    I found this to be funny. Apparently the Honduran media don’t have anything else to worry about? I don’t get the whole CH14 being scared. In this same article, they show a link with a picture of an Honduran player nudging CH14 in the head during the game in Honduras. I knew Honduras was dirty, but really? Too much. Sorry to ramble.

    Thanks, Bryan. Both you and Andrea keep up the good work, because we need you to inform us of nuestro El Tri!!

    1. I feel the same way about this region. When Mexico beats big name teams, I can’t understand how they can struggle against a CONCACAF side. However, this is the hardest road. WCQ is no joke, but like I said, Mexico has been in MUCH worse positions with less talent. June is a huge month, and I see Mexico translating their anger/frustration into wins.

      I also noticed that Honduras is absolutely obsessed with Chicharito. I don’t get it. Yet, he puts a double in the net, and they seem to digress.

      They almost were so crazy about Ch14, that they forgot how to play Panama and ended up losing 0-2.

      1. Yeah, but honestly, thank you for at least instilling hope in me. I read EVERYWHERE on the status of Mexico. Most sites always have stupid trolls posting that the topic gets lost in their nonsense/racial comments. I don’t listen, naturally, but it still sits ill that people think of my people that way and that football can do that to them. Either way, here’s to topping the group and grinding the wins in all three competitions. Viva Mexico!!!

  2. Michael: No problem! We have to keep in mind that 1) We haven’t lost 2) We have 21 points to claim!
    That is a lot to accomplish. And forget those other sites and their comments. I find it comical how some “fans” can talk trash about Mexico even though they failed to claim 5 shots.
    Just keep visting us, and engaging in dialogue with other Tri fans!

  3. Nicely summed up Bryan. Also keep in mind the NT will be together for the whole summer given them time to gel and find rhythm like in the Gold Cup 2 years ago. At home there is no need for 2 holding midfielders, you are totally right about getting Herrera involved, he brings an offensive dynamic no one else can from the center of the pitch.

    1. I see the time off/friendlies will really revamp Mexico’s gelling as you said. Chepo can’t continue to fall in love with some guys, while talent like Herrera sit on the bench. We have the tools to beat the bunker just as much as the offensive minded opponent.

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