Mexico 0, USA 0: Nothing coming easy

After three games, Mexico sits with 3 points (Getty)


The Hexagonal is never an easy run for WCQ. This is by far one of the most difficult Hex’s we have seen in history. Mexico knew it wasn’t going to be easy, but they had the talen to get the job done.

Mexico was getting a lot of possession in the first 30 minutes of the game. Aquino and Giovani saw a lot of looks, and even got fouled by the Americans numerous times. However, nothing really accumulated for El Tri.

An odd moment occurred in the first half, as Chicharito was pushed from behind by Michael Bradley. The line judge threw his flag up as it appeared to be a clear cut penalty call. Yet, the whistle never blew and the game continued.

The last 10 minutes or so of the first half was a little bit better for the USA. They gained a little more possession, but ultimately never threatened Mexico. Diego Reyes and Moreno looked solid in the back, and never seemed to lose any composure.

The second half was somewhat more optimistic for Mexico. There were a lot more chances, and different looks from the team…but nothing gave Mexico a lead. The frustration grew as the team coud see the Americans floating back more and more. The bus was parked, and Mexico needed some creativity, and fast.

The most heartbreaking part of the second half was a very sloppy challenge by Maurice Edu of the USA. He flew in to tackle Aquino, but instead of getting the ball, he slammed into Aquino’s back. It was a blatant penalty for Mexico, and yet again, Mexico did not get the call.

The game ended, and the Mexican side was furious. The Americans would celebrate as if they won by multiple goals, but it was one point for both sides.  After three matches, here is how the Hex looks…

  1. Panama (5 points)
  2. Costa Rica (4 points
  3. USA (4 points)
  4. Honduras (4 points)
  5. Mexico (3 points)
  6. Jamaica (2 points)

Mexico will have a chance to sort some things out on April 17th, as they will play Peru in San Francisco. Then on May 31st, against Nigeria in Houston. The rest of Mexico’s schedule can be seen here.

Final stats

Mexico: 19 shots, 58% possession, 15 corners

USA: 1 shot, 42% possession, 2 corners.

…It hasn’t been as predicted but Mexico has yet to lose. Don’t forget there are 21 more points to acquire, so there are plenty of matches to be played.

Vamos Mexico!

9 thoughts on “Mexico 0, USA 0: Nothing coming easy”

  1. Kinda hard to score when the entire team is defending. Damn.

    All I wanted for my bday was for mexico to win. Too bad.

    Hopefully Vela and Barrera come back.
    Diego Reyes was solid as F—. We don’t need maza anymore.

    We aren’t too behind. We just need hella practice in finishing. Also stop with the pointless crosses. We never gonna score against 6 foot defenders, unless the mess up. Zavala and Chicharito missed clear cut, open chances. Better luck next time.

    Lol at USA fans. They actin as if they won.

    1. Reyes is a beast. For how mad I am, there isn’t reason to panic yet.

      and that video is a disgrace. If Mexico ever celebrates like that after a draw, I don’t know what I’d do.

  2. What did I say? I thought this was going to happen. Mexico is no where near where it used to be. At the turn of the year they let off the gas. Another game, another tie. Getting tired of this lethargic, lacking energy, unambitious way of playing. Sloppy passing, no ideas, not very creative is what Mexico looked like. Plain and simple; they figured Mexico out. I’m sorry I’m pessimistic, but here is to crashing out in the Confeds…. crap it all…

  3. Where was Pablo Barrera? Or Oribe Peralta? We definitely need a playmaker like Jonathan D. Santos & a striker that can handle the ball in tight spaces like Carlos Vela.

    1. Barrera is still not in NT form, and Oribe was injured. To be honest, I don’t think Oribe would have changed the outcomes. But I agree, Vela would be great right about now.

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