Preview: Mexico vs USA

Chicharito’s form should cause major concern for the USA (Getty)


It has been seven months since the USMNT came into Azteca and claimed their first victory in Mexico…ever. Without a doubt, Mexico has not forgotten the images of that game. Given it was solely a friendly; the celebrations by the Americans will not be erased. As of now, Mexico has two points (0-2-0), while the USA has three (1-0-1) after two WCQ matches. There will be a lot of factors coming into this game for both teams, so let’s start off with formations.


  • Ochoa
  • Meza, Ayala, Moreno, Salcido
  • Zavala, Torrado
  • Aquino, Dos Santos, Guardado
  • Chicharito

I believe Chepo is going to stick with Ochoa. His biggest problem was the repetitive kicking of the ball to either Honduran players, or out-of-bounds. It really did hinder what could have been a lot of possession for Mexico. However, his play during the penalty was simply unlucky. He made a terrific diving play, only to have the ball go directly to Bengston. I do not see the U.S. pressuring Mexico, so expect to see the defense bring the ball up most of the time. This will cancel out Ochoa’s goal kicks, and hopefully he will shine like he has before.

Two other headlines are the absences of ‘Maza’ and Torres Nilo. Chepo will most likely send Salcido to his former position, and bring in Torrado for “experience” in the midfield. Although, watch for Herrera to make a second half sub for Torrado. His control and dribbling are two features Mexico needs. Chepo de la Torre usually doesn’t start the younger guys, which is why I see an Ayala-Moreno centerback situation.

The U.S. will most likely come out with a 4-3-2-1/4-3-3. However, as mentioned before, they are going to sit back. This is not a total must win for them, but more of a “don’t let Mexico get revenge” type of scenario. If the ‘Yanks’ pull a point out of Azteca, they will be jubilant. Moreover, Mexico knows they will be handling the ball for long periods in this game, which is why the 4-2-3-1 should be pivotal. Aquino, Giovani, and Guardado will be in charge of creating the chances, and hopefully find a flustered American defense at their mercy.

Lastly, if Mexico see’s itself with a lead, specifically around the 70th minute, Chepo must throw in a 5-4-1 formation. The substitutions during the Honduras match still has fans scratching their heads. A lead around this point of the match would be a perfect time to see Reyes make his WCQ debut. Mexico can still hold possession, all while having the safety of the extra defender.

Mexico vs USA will begin on Tuesday (3/26) at 10:30 EST. It is the ‘Clásico’ of the CONCACAF, and both teams/fanbases have been waiting for this game for a long time.

…oh and tickets have sold-out. So expect the Azteca to be rocking!

Vamos Mexico!


17 thoughts on “Preview: Mexico vs USA”

  1. Man, I don’t want to lose the faith, but 2013 has turned out to be a horrible start for El Tri. I only hope that from now until this is over we get to see the National Team like they were last year…. a total menace! Until then, I am not so convinced that El Tri is shaping up to be a powerhouse. We look so damn fierce-some in paper, but when it comes to the field, we look like gentle giants… Either way, let’s grind out a W for the first time this year.

    1. WCQ is never easy, but you watch, Mexico has revenge on its mind. Moreover, a sour taste after the last match, so expect them to be hungry
      …especially with 100,000 Mexicans cheering them on!

      1. eeeee, those numbers are chilling. going to be so bad ass with the whole stadium blasting the opposition!!!!

  2. Ochoa is trash!!! Torrado is trash!! Are we gonna waste the talent we have on our bench like we did in the last World Cup? Mexico last 2 losses have come at the hands of which goal keeper? That’s right you guessed it. I really liked De la Torre but he’s turning into a real head scratcher, or he’s just out thinking himself. Did Corona do something wrong?? Start Corona and start Herrera if you want 3 points. Simple as that.

    1. It is not a given that he will play Torrado, but for some reason he has a lot of faith in him. I would like to see Herrera start with Zavala. That is a lot of substance compared to previous midfield combo’s we have had.

      1. Faith like the time he scored against us? I don’t buy the “experience” factor anymore, these young guys have won on big stages, they’re not afraid of the big moments either. The succesful National teams world wide keep the veterans who can hang or they get dropped. For the most part they let their young guys shine if they show they’re not scared of the national spotlight. It’s time Mexico starts to do it too. Viva México!

  3. We’re going to win. Everybody is so alarmed yet the Hex is just barely starting. With a win we’re gonna have 5 points and the US 3. I dare to say we’re going to finish in first place of the hex despite this shaky start. Although it doesn’t really matter in which place we qualify as long as we’re in Brazil.

    I don’t understand the critic on Memo. I mean c’mon. He could do nothing to stop the goals. The first goal was Maza’s fault, poor marking on Costly. Aerial duels are still our most weakness. The US has a better aerial play than Honduras. Anyways. Memo couldn’t do much on the PK either. It was a gift from the ref. I hope Memo plays on Tuesday.

    Chicharito hasn’t scored against the US I believe. Well, I think Tuesday is gonna be his day to score against the US.

    Hope Reyna plays too. He could really make a big difference. His skills, dribbling, speed. He could really give the US a defense a hard time if he could only get the chance.

    I’m not too keen on Ayala. I think he only performs with Tigres unlike Torres Nilo. But I guess Ayala deserves his chance. I would play with Mier but unfortunately he wasn’t even called up.

    Hopefully Salcido on the left back doesn’t prove to be counterproductive. It’s been a while since he hasn’t played as LB even though that’s where he started his career. Magallón could also play as left back but it would be too risky. I’m wondering why Dárvin Chávez wasn’t even called up Or Razo from Atlas. He is having a great season with the Rojinegros.

    The US doesn’t have Bocanegra and Donovan. The victory is a must. There’s no excuses. Hopefully is a 3-0 in favor of México.

    1. Exactly! It’s the hex, it’s not a cake walk. However, this USA team is not at the talent level of Mexico so there is NO reason we can’t bring in 3 points…

  4. Should be a game that favors El Tri. I really would like to see if a replacement for Torres Nilo exists. I like him as a bruiser and to be the guy that comes in as a defense midfield in the second half. Lately he is not closing well and cannot keep up.

    1. To be honest, I think we are a little lucky. We should be fine with Salcido in place of TN, but we could really use someone like Ponce Tuesday. And you’re right, this game favors Mexico, especially now that the stadium is gonna be packed!

  5. I see things a little different. I know everyone raves about the 4-2-3-1 being Mexico’s bread and butter but I feel that it can be tweaked just a tad bit. I’d like to see a 4-1-4-1.

    Meza, Reyes, Moreno, Salcido
    Dos Santos, Pena, Herrera, Guardado
    Little Pea

    I think this gives Mexico a balanced attacking option but adds enough strength in the mid-field to alleviate the pressure on a fresh Diego Reyes. Pena and Herrera both add a nice attacking outlet; Herrera has the mobility/ agility whereas Pena has the passing vision, ability to hold and open up the game. If more attack is needed of course you can always sub out Pena and plug in Aquino then move Gio back to the middle; 4-2-3-1 back in as before.

    The 4-2-3-1 is great and it shows that it is pragmatic however it can be a predictable.

    1. Not bad at all! I wouldn’t mind that lineup Chawn..I have a lot of confidence in Peña so I really hope he plays with Herrera/Zavala.
      and I Lol’d at your Cor-Choa!

      1. totally agree with you, I would like to see Peña get a crack on the team. But at the same time Jesus Molina would also be a great addition to the team if you need that guy that will be a fort on the midfield. He always tracks back and at the same time pushes forward.

  6. Torres Nilo is actually not suspended and therefore he’s gonna play, and Ochoa is gonna be the starter and captain. Vamos Memo!. Tu puedes campeon!

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