Honduras 2, Mexico 2: Splitting Blues

Mexsport Photo
Mexsport Photo

Two goals from Javier ‘Chicharito’ Hernandez were not enough to give Mexico three points from a visit to San Pedro Sula, Honduras during the Hexagonal phase of World Cup qualifying.

Honduras managed to rescue a draw at home with two goals in the second half.

Line ups

Honduras: Valladares, Bernardez, Figueroa, Peralta, Izaguirre, Espinoza, Garrido, Boniek, Mario, Costly, Bengtson.

Mexico: Guillermo Ochoa, Severo Meza, Francisco Javier Rodríguez, Hector Moreno, Jorge Torres Nilo, Carlos Salcido, Jesús Zavala, Javier Aquino, Andres Guardado, Giovani dos Santos, Javier Hernández.

Referee: Courtney Campbell

The game started with a few fouls from both sides. It was Javier Aquino who made the first attempt in the sixth minute but it was wide.

Mexico had greater control of the game with Honduras trying attacks with long balls.

In the 27th minute Andres Guardado sent in a cross from the left edge of the box. Chicharito met the ball in front of the goal and headed in to the back of the net to put Mexico up 1-0.

Honduras attempted responses to no avail during the first half against the positioned Mexican defense.

Hernandez added a second goal for Mexico in the 53rd minute. Salcido took a free kick that headed towards the goal. Hernandez showed up and pushed the ball to the back of the net for a 2-0 lead.

Mexico continued to hold on to the lead throughout the second half. In the 64th minute Hernandez left the field due to leg cramps and Omar Bravo entered the game.

In the 76th minute Carlos Costly cut the lead in half.

Oscar Garcia took a corner kick and Costly was able to beat ‘Maza’ Rodriguez to send the ball past Guillermo Ochoa.

In the 78th minute Honduras was awarded a penalty from a foul by ‘Maza’ on Costly.

Bengston stepped up to take it and Ochoa managed to block the initial shot. However, the ball rebounded straight out to Bengston who simply pushed the ball to the back of the net and equalized.

The Mexican side was unable to take the lead and split the points with Honduras.

Mexico will next face the United States on March 26 at the Azteca Stadium. El Tri will be without Maza for the game who is out based on yellow card accumulation.

8 thoughts on “Honduras 2, Mexico 2: Splitting Blues”

  1. Fantastico partido del arbitro…. Regalando un penal a Honduras. Pero si todavia no es Navidad arbitro!. Y despues dicen que a México siempre se le ayuda. Peralta from Honduras should’ve been red carded for that kick on Guardado. I mean, he didn’t even touch the ball. He just went to kick Guardado.

    We were better than Honduras that’s for sure but after the two goal lead the team retrieve back and was defending pretty much with all 11 players on our part of the field. They should’ve keep attacking and find that third goal.

    And is always the same story. Aerial duels. That was very poor defending from Maza in Honduras first goal.
    I can’t believe Reyna didn’t play. He could’ve make a difference in my opinion. More than Aquino for sure.

    Zavala and Torres Nilo were looking good. Moreno as well and Maza before that mistake that lead to the first goal. Severo Meza looked good but Costly dribble him too easy in the second goal. They gotta be more focus. Costly made that play between too Mexican players. He did nothing prior to that.

    Man, we were so close to win this game. But México make some mistakes plus the ref own mistakes. Still I think were going to defeat the US.

  2. Disappointing tie.

    Bad calls, controversial penalty, etc. Concacaf needs better referees.

    Also, Chepo should have subbed in midfielders or defenders instead of attacking players. I didn’t see bravo touch the ball at all. I would have liked to see Torrado or Pena for Gio. Also Reyna would have been a great option for Guardado.

  3. I’m just mad, sad, and kinda just amazed by what just happened. That ref boned us… HARD. We all know CONCACAF refereeing to be garbage most of the time but this was fucking ridiculous (pardon the colorful language). I’m just still in awe of how we got boned by CONCACAF so hard. I hate this conference. Anywhere else in the world (except Asia), we would be challenged by an equally talented team, not a dirty disgrace of a team that you see in every CONCACAF nation besides Mexico. ffs we better destroy USMNT.

    Also wat was up with Salcido and Torres Nilo being so pathetic defensively?

  4. This is becoming the trend with our team. I just can’t believe the garbage I keep seeing. First Jamaica and now Honduras. I’m so disappointed in how this team has been of lately. I understand that Honduras is very, very, VERY dirty in their tactics, but please, like Luis said and get with the f-ing program. Lethargic Mexico vs CONCACRAP refs. Stupid all around. No wonder the trolls over at goal.com keep insulting the National Team… we need to win, plain and simple. I am NOT looking forward to the next game. I have lost hope in El Tri and how they are performing… damn, man…

    1. I agree with being disappointed, but in truth, Mexico scored two crucial goals in a very difficult place to play. I am as mad as anyone about that PK. It was awful. However, Mexico outplayed Honduras for the majority of that game. And right now, with the U.S. being our next game, can they say the same? They played in awful conditions, scored a goal which was basically an accident, and didn’t have a shot on goal in the second half. Right now Mexico has cleaned it self up, and although you cannot take the USA lightly, Mexico is still the better team. 3 points is VERY possible, and we should be right on track.

      Oh and don’t forget that Israel tied Portugal, and Spain drew at home against Finland. We will be just fine…

  5. Salcido disappointed me so bad today! His play wasn’t up to par and the center midfielder didn’t really control the game at all. Time to take him out and keep the young guns in midfield. I believe Herrera and Peña should have started in center mid. Also, a big F U to “Maza”. That tackle that led to the penalty was bogus, never tackle in the box especially when the other team is one goal down, and his marking was so off in the first goal. Ochoa put in a good game, the penalty was unlucky, he got the block but what can u do. It seems as Mexico is having bad luck overall. The ref was garbage as usual but what’s done is done. We need to win over the US. And not a 1-0 game but we need to give them an ass whooping!

    1. Yea I must say Salcido’s delivery on the free kick was beautiful, but again, he was suspect in other parts of the game. He kept playing the ball back and not forward. It is frustrating cause Herrera or Peña are not afraid of adding into the attack. I feel Mexico will have a big win on Tuesday.

  6. no problem the big picture is the world cup.football has its up and down.didn’t you see how spain had to spit points with finland portugal vs isreal there is no small team no more football is that’s way that’s why i fell in love with this sport

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