Ideal formation(s) for March WCQ

‘G10’ will look to cause havoc for rival defenders this month (AP)


Mexico is just a few days away from taking the pitch in a pivotal month for qualification. Honduras will be scorching when El Tri steps onto the field on March 22nd. Honduras strategically planned this game to take advantage of their hot spring days. However, Mexico is hot as well, so the boys should be able to play as if it were Azteca (in terms of weather). For the match here is an ideal lineup to take on the ‘Catratchos.’


  • Corona
  • Meza, Moreno, Reyes, Torres Nilo
  • Zavala, Herrera
  • Aquino, Giovani, Guardado
  • Chicharito

5-4-1 (to finish off the game if Mexico claims a lead)

  • Corona
  • Meza, Moreno, Ayala, Reyes, Torres Nilo
  • Giovani, Zavala, Peña, Guardado
  • Jimenez

The second formation doesn’t have to be identical, but I believe these guys would be able to keep the lead if the game is going in Mexico’s favor. Some may want to see more veterans, but Honduras is a quick team who also is much more better than Jamaica tactically. Frankly if Salcido was getting juked by Jamaican forwards, he will be blown away by the Hondurans.

Maza is not starting in my lineup, because I do not believe he should play after his middle finger incident. If Chepo is as “no-nonsense” as he claims, then he needs to send a message to the former “captain.” Diego Reyes has been clutch with Mexico, and even at the tender age of 20, he has demonstrated a lot of consistency over the past two years. He could fill the center-back spot no problem (in my personal opinion).

The 4-2-3-1 should be perfect for the counter attack. Honduras is an aggressive team and will not sit back like other CONCACAF teams do. I really believe Aquino and Dos Santos will be great compliments to this team. If Giovani transfers his form from club to country…then Mexico has a perfect fit at #10.

I believe Chepo can be more lenient with the lineup against the USA. They are missing a few players, specifically Howard, so they do show some vulnerability. Chances are that Klinsmann is setting up a defensive style when the ‘Yanks’ face off against El Tri.

Honduras vs Mexico will begin at 5:00 p.m. EST on March 22nd. Then on March 26th, Mexico vs USA starts 10:30 p.m. EST.

Vamos Mexico!


13 thoughts on “Ideal formation(s) for March WCQ”

  1. I have a feeling Salcido will play. I also believe Maza will continue to be Captain.

    I really hope we play a 4-2-3-1.

    Also I feel bad that Ochoa travels all the way from France (probably the player who has to travel the most [from Ajaccio to Paris. Then Paris to Mexico.]) just to be on the bench. Ochoa has been in spectacular form but I guess Chepo feels more secure with Corona.

  2. I believe we should start putting our trust in Ochoa again. He’s amazing with his team in France and could be making a big summer transfer. I love Corona but Ochoa should be getting the nod. And as for Salcido, I believe we should start getting him used to being an impact sub. Our youth is coming up and should get a chance to show their guns. And have Reyes start for sure, the kid is very talented and will be the next top defender for Mexico.

    1. I agree 100%. Expect I would wait till we have a few more points before we start Ochoa.

      As for Salcido, I am losing my faith in his abilities, and I hate to say that. He and Torrado have just not installed confidence like Zavala, Herrera, Peña are able.

  3. Good job Bryan. That would be my ideal lineup. I also think it’s Corona’s job to lose, so unless his form dips badly I don’t see Memo over taking him. Memo should definitely get some games though, hopefully later in the qualifiers.

  4. I honestly don’t think Chepo is a good coach for Mexico..Never mind the fact that he could be one of the reasons Carlos Vela doesn’t want to re-join El Tri..But his forced tactics his strange call ups his inability too fix a problem with subs or formation change shows us chepo isn’t a great tactician…He also has too much faith in veterans..Salcido is washed up yet he is a shoe-in amazing !!!

      1. We need some experience too. You don’t win with kids only. Ask Arsenal.The Olympics were won with experienced players like Corona, Salcido and Peralta. People forget it were Peralta’s goals who won México
        the gold medal. It was a team effort obviously but Peralta and Salcido where a vital part too.

        And I believe we all want to see the Olympians but if Chepo thinks is best to integrate them slowly then I guess it’s the best thing para la seleccion.

        The Olympics and WC qualifiers are way too different things. The WC qualifiers are way more difficult and you need players with experience who can handle the pressure and hostile environment. I mean just watch the US. They’re suffering a lot without Bocanegra and Donovan and people ask themselves why are they not in the US squad.
        I know it’s different but still. Even Honduras is relying on “veterans”.

  5. I hope Reyna and Omar Bravo get some minutes. I don’t know why people are too harsh on them. They are old yeah but they are having a great season with their respective clubs. At least Chepo is being consistent on that.

    I rate Reyna higher than Aquino for instance. Aquino goes to the ground too easily whereas Reyna doesn’t. Reyna is like the most fouled player on liga Mx yet he still keeps on going and doesn’t get scared. Reyna is also one of the liga MX goalscorers without even being a forward. So he has talent obviously. Maybe is his attitude that people don’t like but I rather have a player like Reyna who has a strong character with a winning mentality who speaks his mind.

    And Omar Bravo. He is the second top scorer in Guadalajara’s history behind the legendary Chava Reyes. Do I need to say more?. Plus Bravo and Chicharito were teammates so they obviously know each other. They could work together just fine.

    1. Yes they did, but keyword is “were.” Bravo hasn’t played with Mexico in ages. Peralta and Chicharito hasn’t worked, and I am somewhat iffy that Bravo would change that. However, I would rather call up Bravo than Torrado (in terms of deservingness). Either way, I just hope Mexico goes out and wins a big game. I think it is going to be a mix of younger players with vets.

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