Mexico’s roster for March WCQ

Chicharito will try to continue his good form this month (Xinhua/David de La Paz)


Here are Chepo de la Torre’s call ups for WCQ against Honduras and the USA…

Goalkeepers: Guillermo Ochoa, Jesús Corona, Alfredo Talavera

Defenders: Severo Meza, Jonny Magallón, Francisco ‘Maza’ Rodríguez, Héctor Moreno, Hugo Ayala, Diego Reyes, Jorge Torres Nilo

Midfielders: Carlos Salcido, Jesús Zavala, Gerardo Torrado, Jesús Molina, Héctor Herrera, Javier Aquino, Andrés Guardado, Carlos Peña

Forwards: Ángel Reyna, Giovani Dos Santos, Chicharito, Omar Bravo, Raúl Jiménez

*Oribe Peralta has been ruled out with a knee injury.


30 thoughts on “Mexico’s roster for March WCQ”

  1. very good squad for the next few WCQ. Have to go for a clean sheet from here till summer time in order to have a better squad available for the Confederations cup. El tri may also be able to fill three solid squads for all tournaments here to come

  2. The only ones I don’t like are Magallon, Torrado, and Bravo.

    I guess Bravo is ok considering he’s been scoring for Atlas. Hiram Mier has been snubbed lately. Idk why?

    I hope Vela and FMF/Chepo resolve their problems. He would surely be an upgrade in the offensive.

    1. I am pretty unsettled by some of the calls and Chepos obsession with the 4-4-2. It is almost like he is way too relient on guys who were relavant 5 years ago…

  3. ——-Ochoa or Corona——–
    Aquino—-Dos Santos—-Guardado

    Or we could be in for something crazy like a 3-5-2:

    ——-Ochoa or Corona——–

    1. I would like Zavala with Herrera. Im sorry but I don’t think we can take a risk on Salcido taking 50 yards shots anymore. Maybe he can be subbed in if we get a lead.

  4. those 50 yard shot sometimes make the difference and as for bravo sometimes the older players can turn out to be key to success

  5. I put money on that if Chepo keeps making these weird call ups to players who are far behind the young talent we have, and if he doesn’t resolve the issue with Vela. El Tri will have a new coach. What we need to do is start building a team that can give a good run at the WC. No more senior players sorry Chepo but I am starting to dislike you.

    1. It’s not a beef between Vela and Chepo. Instead Vela seems to be a problematic player. The kind that when he doesn’t get a call up due to his inactivity (like when he was at W.B.A.) he takes it personal and holds it against the coach. I’ve been a huge fan of Vela since 2005, but he may need to swallow his pride, change his attitude a bit and do this for Mexico and its fans.

  6. In Chepo I trust. Im sure its frustrating to see some old names such as Torrado. What you all need to understand is that these players bring experience to the table. Im sure Chepo knows that there is superior talent to choose from but what he also understands is that these next two games will be very hostile. If the other teams get chippy or use a bit of the dark arts El Tri will have the players to dish it back. Futbol is very much a chess match/ card game and any succesful player will tell you that you dont always have to show your best hand. Qualifying is a MUST! These veteranos have done it before. Im sure we will see a younger and more talented team for the Confederations Cup as there will be no pressure of qualifying. All there is to do in such a tournament is showcase your best talent. Besides, by my count there are 8 olympic squad players on the roster. Patience is a virtue!

  7. I heard Oribe is doubtful for the WCQ. For the best of El Tri I hope he doesn’t play. The 4-2-3-1 is their best formation not the 4-4-2. Or maybe Raul Jimenez and or Omar Bravo would work better with Ch14 up front.

    Do you think he can call up a replacement?

    Also Why is Meza called up? Last I saw he was playing CDM not RB. I’d rather have Israel Jiminez.

  8. Just heard the news oribe is out with injury i wish fabian wasnt hurt
    i wish that Chepo and Vela will make up i wish Jonathan Dos SAntos leaves Barcelona
    idk why bring torrado we have Enriquez. And Rafael Marquez Lugo is having a better season than Bravo
    and whats going on with Mier he is definitely better than Magallon
    this is a stupid list and why even bring three goalkeepers i dont trust Chepo anymore!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Every time these lists come up I scratch my head. I hope to see so much promise in these lists and I end up seeing a bunch of strange names. If they win, great! Good on them, but seriously, things need to change Chepo… so stupid how the FMF has this childish mindset. I just want to see Vela perform. I watch Real Sociedad just for him and he is in CL spot thanks to the Malaga ban! What more “in-form” can you get!? The Liga MX guys might be in-form as well, but not like Vela. Whatever, man. This better not be a repeat of park the bus and tie or even worse, lose.

    1. Exactly!. Plus he knows how to play this kind of matches. He has a World Cup under his belt and that’s a major plus as well.

      Too bad Chaton didn’t get call up. I think he could be a very important player against Honduras. They have very physically strong players, and Chaton proved that he can compete against the best just like he did in London. Also Chaton wins most aerial duels than any other player in Liga MX.

      People may have or not a point of Chepo calling “old” players but consider this; players like
      Bravo and Torrado have World Cups under their belts so their experience could prove very helpful in one way or another whether they’re on the bench or on the pitch.

      México has a great generation of youth players but they need guidance and some sort of leadership. hence why Chepo called Bravo and Torrado because they are both leaders with their respective teams.

      1. I understand where you are coming from, it’s just Torrado has been ineffective with El Tri for a while now. He barely connected with anyone against Guyana, and Chaton brought tons of energy when he subbed in for Torrado.

        My major problem with some of Chepos calls is how inconsistent they are. Why is Mier missing? What did he do wrong? Moreover, is Reyna really better than Davila?

        I want Mexico to build chemistry from here on and some of these older guys aren’t going to be relevant when we are in Brazil.

      2. I do think Reyna is better than Davila or Aquino for that matter. I’ve been an avid supporter of Davila but Chepo doesn’t called him. Maybe he thinks he is not ready for WC qualifiers.

        And I think people underrate Reyna a lot. Maybe because he is old but he is having a great season with Pachuca. He scores great goals with either foot and also assist regularly. He is form. He justifies his call-up unlike other players.
        I remember his game against El Salvador where he tear their defense apart. They couldn’t stop him. Plus he has a strong character and El Tri needs people like him.

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