Is there a bright side from the lackadaisical draw?

The two striker set has come and now needs to go (Xinhua/Pedro Mera)La Paz)


Mexico fans have been accustomed to winning for the past two years. El Tri has been able to field many great names in that span of time, and have produced some great matches. However, the game in Azteca against Jamaica has caused fans to become unsettled.

I have been one of those who preaches the 4-2-3-1 for Mexico. It is a perfect fit for our type of game. Yet, Chepo has been consistently trying a 4-4-2, and it simply does not work. In addition, Chepo continues to let the wingers/wing-backs send useless crossed to the middle of the box, all while the defenders are standing ready to clear the ball. These things have been plaguing Mexico, which we saw it first hand against Jamaica.

Before I continue to go over what went wrong, how about what can come out of such a poor game. As of now, Chepo de la Torre has to understand he was at the top of the list for reasons Mexico played completely stagnent. This will put Chepo in one awkward situation if he doesn’t realize it, because it could untimely send him packing his bags. Mexico’s demand for success will not allow Chepo to continue his stingy ways, and this will force him to make the needed adjustments. Some of the them will be…

  • Have faith in the younger players. These guys won a Gold in London and it was no accident.
  • Exit the 4-4-2, enter the 4-2-3-1
  • Clean the roster of veterans who have stronger talent behind them on the depth chart.
  • 25+ yard shots need to go. Complete wastes of attack.
  • Preach short flowing passes. Forget the long momentum killing crosses (when not in attack).
  • Lastly, don’t ever sub Gio after 45 minutes. It was a total mistake.

Mexico was able to walk away with a point, and can still say they are undefeated. Yes, the road does get tougher, as Mexico will face the only team to win a game in Honduras. But, if this past game taught us anything, it is that Chepo just lost his space to be stingy.

Vamos Mexico!


19 thoughts on “Is there a bright side from the lackadaisical draw?”

  1. I think you are wrong with the 25yd shot. If they have a chance take it. They won’t always have the ball in the 6yd box

  2. I didn’t like the new kit very much. I like that they went white but they could have used a little more imagination
    And I don’t like guardado playing in the back. chicharito played hard and was unlucky I’m with the get Rid of the 4-4-2.

  3. Just too many mistakes in too many areas, on and off the pitch. I’m sure Mexico will bounce back as they always do, but they need to watch the game film and really learn from this game. One quality of a great team is that they can play well against any team, tactical lineup, and or field condition at any time. Mexico has time to regroup and show us that this holds true.

      1. I’ve always said that youth will win us a World Cup, they have the hunger and drive to win more! Olympic medal was the first step, now it’s time for the World Cup! Imagine this line up, Corona, Meza, Moreno, Mier, Torres Nilo, Chaton, Herrera, Aquino, Guardado, Giovani, Chicharito. To me, that’s a scary looking line up. Ochoa would be great too, but Corona has sealed the deal on his spot. I believe Reyes and Mier will battle for a starting position. Aquino seems to be locked in, unless Vela or Cortes come into the scene, then it’s a free for all. And Pulido and Jimenez could be great subs. Along with Fabian, super sub/ fighting for starting spot vs Giovani. Keep El Maza and Salcido benched. Also would love to see Peña on the roster, great midfielder. Maybe if Cabrera gets in fine shape pick him up for mid, he did great in the Toulon Tournment and leading up to the Olympics. Ulises Davila would be a great addition in the gold cup.

      2. Cabrera didn’t even played in Toulon… ‘Burrito’ Hernández and Chatón were the DM’s. Cabrera got injured prior the tournament. He was the starter ahead of Chatón in the Concacaf Qualifying, but unfortunately he got injured. Cabrera has better passing and positioning than Chatón. But obviously Chatón is more better at destroying the opposing attacks and he has also some range of pasing.

  4. Without Vela:

    With Vela:

    1. The lineup with vela is a little to offensive for me. I’d still play a 4-2-3-1. Aquino on the bench for Zavala/Pena/Molina.

      With Vela:
      –Herrera— Zavala/Pena/JDS—-
      Vela. ———Guardado

  5. Call me crazy but I just don’t see how Peralta can be a senior team starter… don’t get me wrong, he is a good player but people easily forget that he was having a terrible time at the olympics. He had a great half in the semis and a great final no doubt but I just don’t see it. I remember in the first half against Jamaica there was a good cross coming to CH14 all alone by the penalty area and Peralta out of nowhere steps in and gives a bad pass trying to pass the ball away from goal.

    Also some shots were from 30-35 yards… I would venture to say there were at least 10 shots.

    I still believe we’ll bounce back.

    1. We will bounce back, and I hate to say it but you are correct about Peralta. He can still have a future (Gold cup) but there is no way after Wednesday that he should start anytime soon. Mexico has tons of speed and frankly we need to use it as I mentioned in the article.

  6. I think the draw against Jamaica was the best thing that could happen to the Mexican team. Now this will make the players get out of their bubble and strive to qualify for the World Cup and give their best at the Confederations Cup.

    Also, Maza should be dropped from the squad. Forget about the “Mazaseñal”, I’ve seen him long enough to tell that he just doesn’t care anymore about la Seleccion now that he is with América making the big bucks. El Tri needs someone who actually cares and has pride in wearing la verde. And that’s Hiram Mier. Ever since he came back from London he has kept his best form. He is always focused and concentrated and rarely loses his mind. I strongly believe he is the best Mexican defender we have even ahead of Reyes. Mier is more mature obviously.
    Reyes has been solid but he has maked some mistakes this season whereas Mier hasn’t make that many. Plus, due to Reyes youth he has his mind set on Porto rather than anything else. You don’t need to be a genius to realize that. And the game against Honduras is gonna be a boiling cauldron. The pressure is gonna be on México obviously. Is going to be a high voltage match so I think Chepo should call the more experienced players. That’s why I think Mier should be the one. I haven’t seen him nervous like ever. Plus he has played in Concachampions so he already know what’s it like. I don’t how Reyes will take the pressure. It’s gonna be huge. And I wouldn’t want him to be blamed if things don’t work out. He might be a Gold medal champion but the Eliminatoria is a completely different thing. It’s way more tougher. Anyways.

    I think we will at San Pedro Sula. Like I said it’s gonna be helluva complicated game. But I believe in México. You just gotta believe. And I wouldn’t call it crisis if we lost. Crisis is when a father doesn’t have the money to sustain his family. That’s crisis. fútbol is the beautiful game but people shouldn’t take it too seriously. It’s just a game. Like the hooligans who we’re excessively booing México. What for?. Like they’re we’re gonna get their money back. México was awful but I think there was no need for the booing. If they care for their team so much then they should support it no matter what. Pero ni modo. Like Salcido said, let’s see if they keep booing when México. wins again at the Azteca.

  7. And you guys shouldn’t be too harsh on Peralta. After all he was a very important player for México’s biggest accomplishment ever; the Olympics. It’s not his fault Chepo changed his mind and scheme to play Peralta along Chicharito. Peralta plays better when he is the lone striker. And I’m not saying Peralta should be a starter ahead of Chicharito. All I’m saying i Chepo wants to play either Peralta or Chicharito they shouldn’t be together as we all saw it didn’t work. But Peralta is a very good player, not as good as Chicharito obviously because Chicharito plays in the best league in the world. And I wouldn’t write off Cepillo yet because he has the strenght and mentality of a Champion. He deserves respect.

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